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Explore the 2016 Caravan range

The Swift Group manufacture three brands of touring caravans, each with its own personality, style and appeal.

Please select a brand from the list below for specific brand and range information.

  • Swift Caravans

    Committed to providing exceptional value for money, Swift Group continue to make impressive increases in specification and user-friendly technologies, delivering even greater performance while ensuring prices remain competitive. With enhanced SMART Plus construction and the extension of SMART HT to the new Conqueror range, there has never been a more compelling time to choose Swift. With three ranges to meet different budget levels we have a model that’s perfect for you.

  • Sterling Caravans

    Sterling Caravans with their distinctive up-to-the-minute appearance have a stylish interior that evokes the feeling found in many modern homes. Living spaces are given a feeling of light and space, balancing neutral base colours with bright accents and textured designs. Exteriors are highlighted with distinctive graphite accents complementing sweeping front profiles. With enhanced SMART Plus construction and the extension of SMART HT to the new Elite range there is sure to be a Sterling that’s perfect for you.

  • Sprite Caravans

    Back in 1949, Sam Alper developed the first Sprite caravan and since then Sprite has remained the name everyone associates with style, lightweight and affordable – the ideal first new caravan. A new Sprite Freedom range is introduced for 2016, the ideal first time buyers family caravan with all the essentials you need to get away and the Sprite is enhanced with a more upmarket feel but still remains true to its values.