First Time Buyer?

We can help you decide which type of leisure vehicle might suit you best and point you in the right direction for selecting a model. Swift produce models across three leisure vehicle sectors.


If you intend to head for a site and stay there for several days and/or have kids then a caravan may be best for you. With a caravan you still have your car to get out to places of interest. Follow our guide to find out what a caravan can offer you, how to choose the right one and get on the road.

Read our Introduction to Caravans.


If you want to tour around stopping at lots of different places for short stays or set off more frequently on the spur of the moment then a motorhome may be more suitable. We’ve put some tips together on the type of motorhomes Swift offer and how to chose the right one for you.

Read our Introduction to Motorhomes.

Holiday Homes

If you have a favourite destination that you love to go to year after year then a holiday home may be the ideal get away and a true home from home. View our buyers guide on how to go about buying a Holiday Home.

Read our Introduction to Holiday Homes.

Want to make the most of your trip?

Coast, countryside or abroad. Wherever your touring holiday takes you here are some helpful tips to get the best out of your trip.

Not sure if a leisure vehicle is for you?

Follow the lives of families with a passion for enjoying the freedom the tourer and motorhome lifestyle can offer to give you inspiration.

The Adventure Stays With You

Not sure which Swift motorhome is right for you? Can’t decide on which layout works best? Now you can decide on the go with Swift Go motorhome hire.