What motorhomes have island beds and why does it matter?


Beds that are positioned in the centre of a motorhome sleeping area are referred to as island beds, and they offer several benefits that contribute to a comfortable and practical living space.

What is an island bed?

An island bed in a motorhome refers to a bed layout where the bed is positioned in the centre of the sleeping area. Unlike corner beds or beds against the wall, island beds are surrounded by space on all sides, resembling an "island" within the sleeping quarters.

This design is often found in larger motorhomes, and it comes with a variety of configurations and features. Island beds are often designed with aesthetics in mind, creating a visually appealing and inviting bedroom space.

Swift motorhome layout including an island bed

What are the benefits of an island bed?

Since the bed is not against a wall or in a corner, occupants can get in and out of bed from any direction, making it more convenient, especially for couples sharing the bed.

Size and comfort
Island beds are often larger than corner or alcove beds, providing more sleeping space. The design allows for a full-size mattress, enhancing overall comfort during sleep.

Permanent sleeping arrangement
Most island beds are fixed, so you don't need to convert or rearrange the seating area into a bed each night. This saves time and effort, making it more convenient, especially after a long day of travel or exploring.

Storage options

An island bed is often built with underbed storage, optimising storage space in your vehicle.

Island beds can contribute to a more balanced and visually appealing interior design in a motorhome. The central placement of the bed can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the living space.

Electrical outlets and USB ports
To accommodate the charging of electronic devices, some island beds come equipped with electrical outlets and USB ports conveniently located near the bed.

Integrated nightstands
Some motorhomes with island beds have integrated nightstands or small tables on either side of the bed. These can be used for placing personal items, reading materials, or a morning cup of coffee.

Jo Mitchell

"It's important to note that individual preferences and needs vary, and the choice between island beds and other bed configurations depends on factors such as the size of the motorhome, the number of occupants, and personal preferences for sleeping arrangements."

Jo Mitchell, Marketing Director at Swift

Which Swift motorhomes have island beds?

Swift has a great selection of motorhomes that offer an island bed as part of their sleeping layout. They feature in a number of models across three ranges; the Voyager, Escape and Kon-Tiki ranges.

The award-winning Voyager series has two models with an island bed, the 494 and the 594. They’re fitted with an exclusive Duvalay Duvalite Alto mattress, which includes a platinum support layer and reflex foam for superior durability, while memory fibre increases airflow for a more comfortable sleep.

Swift Voyager island bed

The ever-popular Swift Escape 694 model also features an island bed with a huge amount of clever storage space whilst offering access from all sides. As with the Voyager, this model also features the exclusive Duvalay Duvalite Alto mattress, offering a more comfortable sleep.

Swift Escape island bed

The flagship of the Swift range, our multi-award winning Kon-Tiki, exudes luxury and the 794 and 894 models both feature a stunning island bed with the exclusive Duvalay Duvalite Alto mattress.

Swift Kon-Tiki island bed

Both the Escape and Kon-Tiki motorhomes feature a ‘rise and fall’ island bed, allowing you to raise the bed from the garage using a winder, to give you more garage space whilst travelling.


In summary, Swift offer a great choice of motorhomes that feature island beds as part of their sleeping layout. This style of bed configuration offers a number of advantages including improved accessibility, size & comfort, more storage space and aesthetically, a more visually appealing interior design.

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