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We care about the environment

As a responsible manufacturer, we care about our products and their impact on the environment.

Investing for the future

Our production facility in Cottingham, East Yorkshire has been subject to large scale investment in recent years, including:

  • CNC machinery to reduce waste
  • Full extraction systems to capture and recycle sawdust for cleaner air. The tons of waste dust created are recycled into a number of different materials including pet bedding and paper
  • A large bike shed caters for those cycling to work
  • In 2011 a new access road was opened to ease traffic congestion and noise through the nearby Cottingham village
  • A production facility opened in 2006 has reduced lighting and heating costs, while maximising natural daylight

Fuel Efficiency

Reducing weight and improving aerodynamics across Swift's touring caravans and motorhomes is a key element in the design process. By making them as light as possible, we can optimise fuel-efficiency and cut carbon emissions that pollute the environment.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • All waste paper and cardboard is recycled throughout the business, from the offices through to production in the factory
  • All timber waste, including sawdust, is recycled into a number of different materials
  • Our timber and plywood has been independently verified by internationally recognised certification bodies to ensure goods have been sourced from legally harvested forests
  • Windows are delivered in specially-made crates which are then returned to the supplier to be refilled and reused
  • All waste is segregated into separate streams, of which a significant proportion is recycled either by suppliers or recycling agencies
  • Swift introduced the use of returnable packaging within our industry, so that suppliers of manufacturing goods can reduce the amount of packaging and waste produced across the manufacturing supply chain
  • All plastics used in the build of our products which weigh over 100 grams are marked with their material type for recycling purposes. We produce a recycling manual for dismantlers of vehicles to reference
  • The Swift Group (in accordance with the End of Vehicle Life Directive) does not use any heavy metals in its construction

Energy Efficiency

Swift holiday homes are designed to be as energy efficient as possible.

Swift employs an ongoing energy conservation programme in the factory.

We were the first in the industry to pioneer the use of low energy LED lighting and have taken great strides in this area.

Message from our MD

“Recycling waste and reducing carbon emissions associated with the production and use of Swift’s touring caravans and motorhomes is a key part of our future strategy, and has been for many years,” says Swift Managing Director James Turner.

“We ensure that environmentally-friendly methods of production are adopted, wherever possible, to minimise environmental impact and expect our suppliers to take the same approach.

“A well-preserved environment, where people can continue to take their caravans and motorhomes and enjoy the experience of outdoor living, is imperative to the survival of our industry.

“That’s why we must do all we can now to ensure both the industry and the environment thrive for future generations.”

James Turner - Swift Group MD