The best way to try a Swift motorhome or campervan


Buying a new motorhome or campervan is a big investment and the decision requires careful consideration of many factors.

Going to a show like the Caravan and Motorhome show at the NEC is a worthwhile trip to see numerous options in person and begin to narrow down your choice. Once you’ve identified your favourite model, we’d recommend a trial run – this is the most effective way to get a feel for any vehicle.

Swift Go motorhome hire

The benefits of trying a motorhome or campervan first

When we say to trial a camper or motorhome, we’re talking going beyond a standard test drive. Test drives are a wonderful way to get a driving experience snapshot, but imagine having it for a few days - this would give you answers to so many of your questions and give you real confidence that you’re picking the right vehicle for you, such as:

  • Do I feel confident not just driving the vehicle, but parking, manoeuvring and handling narrow roads?
  • Is there ample living space so you can all enjoy and relax once the driving’s done?
  • How comfortable is the bed? Do you get a sound night’s sleep? Is there enough space to factor in your partner’s bed-hogging habits
  • How much storage capacity is there? You don’t want to be skimping on what to bring.
  • What’s it like to bring bikes with you? Does it have a garage or bike rack?
  • How easy is it to cook? What are the appliances like? Nobody wants to make concessions where food is concerned.
  • Is it easy to get showered, washed and ready? After a day of adventure, you don’t want an exhausting experience to get freshened up - a decent shower goes a long way.
  • Are you content with electricity hook-up, waste disposal, general set-up and how to use the vehicle day-to-day?

You’ll have more questions beyond these, but it gives you a glimpse into learning how liveable a motorhome feels - not just the specification list but the level of enjoyment and quality of holiday it can bring to you, which after all, is why they’re worth the investment.

How to try a Swift motorhome or campervan

At Swift, feeling happy and content when you choose one of our motorhomes is paramount to us. To help, you can hire a selection of our motorhomes and campervans through our rental offering, Swift Go. You’ll have access to a selection of incredible Swift models including:

  • Swift Voyager 494, 475 and 485 motorhomes (pictured below)
  • Swift Carrera 122 campervan
  • Swift Monza campervan (coming soon!)
  • Swift Edge 464, 476, 486 motorhomes
  • Swift Select 122 campervan

Swift Voyager 485

We have two depots, one in Manchester and one in Edinburgh, giving fantastic access to Britain’s finest roads. It’s a perfect way to get a flavour of how it feels owning a Swift motorhome or campervan, and as part of your hire, you’ll get:

  • One simple price when you book
  • Wi-Fi included as standard
  • Peace of mind with our Swift Go support whilst you’re away (see our Trustpilot reviews)
  • Everything you need included as standard
  • Dogs go free!
  • Access to 2,700 sites
  • Free secure parking for your car
  • Two named drivers to share the experience
  • Unlimited UK mileage

Why not book for a week or more and discover some of Wales’ wonderful coastal roads, or venture up to Scotland and be mesmerised by the West Highlands?

Jo Mitchell

"Hiring allows you to experience the motorhome in real-life conditions. It gives you the opportunity to test its features, amenities, and overall functionality. This hands-on experience can provide valuable insights into how well the motorhome meets your needs and preferences."

Jo Mitchell, Marketing Director at Swift

The try before you buy offer

It gets even better! If you’re looking to buy a Swift motorhome or campervan, when you hire from Swift Go you can get the whole cost of the rental back (T&Cs apply). Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Book and hire your Swift Go rental (and have an amazing time!)
  2. Buy a new Swift motorhome or campervan from an approved Swift dealer within 6 months of your hire
  3. Your dealer will deduct the cost of your hire from the purchase price for up to 7-nights hire

So if you’re looking to buy new there’s nothing to lose from giving a Swift campervan or motorhome a thorough trial run. All you need to do now is get booked, explore Swift Go and get ready to feel the Swift difference, happy adventures!

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