Do I need insurance for a touring caravan?


Whether you protect your caravan with an insurance policy depends on your individual circumstances, and whilst it’s not a legal requirement, caravan insurance can provide peace of mind for some of the risks that come with owning and using a caravan.

Although you don’t legally need to have caravan insurance, without it, you’re not covered against things like accidental damage, theft, and fire.

Swift caravan insurance cover

A standard car insurance policy does not cover damage to your caravan if you were involved in a road accident whilst towing. Your car insurance policy is only likely to cover damage to your tow car and any damage caused to other vehicles and property whilst towing.

Theft of your caravan is also something to take seriously. According to the AA, more than 4,000 caravans are stolen each year in the UK - and in these instances, a car insurance policy offers no cover to pay for a replacement.

Some home insurance policies can include cover for personal belongings, including valuables, even when they’re away from your home. However, the extent of coverage and the types of items covered can vary between insurance policies and providers. Check your home insurance to see if it includes sufficient cover for your items when you're away in your caravan. However, it’s unlikely to cover your caravanning specific accessories such as an awning, Aquaroll, gas bottles, barbecue, TV, etc.

Jo Mitchell

"When reviewing specialist caravan insurance policies, it's crucial to pay close attention to various aspects to ensure that you are adequately covered in case of any unforeseen events. Look for customer reviews about the provider to gauge the level of customer satisfaction and the company's reputation for handling claims."

Jo Mitchell, Marketing Director at Swift

The cost of specialist caravan insurance can vary widely based on several factors, including the make and model of caravan, its value, your storage location, security measures in place, and your individual circumstances. According to Compare the Market, 51% of their customers were quoted less than £154.70 for their touring caravan insurance in August 2023 (although they do not state what the average age and value of those caravans were or where they were stored). It’s likely specialist insurance for a newer model will cost more than that figure.

Swift offers bespoke caravan insurance cover (Supersure Insurance) to help protect your tourer from accidents, theft, fire, and storms or flooding, not to mention cover for when your leisure vehicle is in storage. Should it be needed, your caravan can be repaired with Swift approved parts and at a Swift approved dealership or repair centre. You’ll even get your awning repaired or replaced if it’s damaged in stormy weather.


In summary, specialist caravan insurance provides protection and peace of mind against a number of risks that come with owning, towing and holidaying in your touring caravan. Whilst it’s not a legal requirement, without a policy you could be financially vulnerable to costly accidental damage, theft and insufficient contents cover.

Before making a decision, carefully review specialist insurance policies, understand the levels of cover offered, and make sure it meets your specific needs.

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