Do touring caravans have toilets?


Onboard toilet facilities are features that many looking to buy a caravan ask about, but do all caravans come equipped with a toilet, and what else may you need to consider?

In short, most modern caravans come equipped with onboard toilets, offering campers the convenience of a private bathroom facility while on the road.

These onboard toilets are typically referred to as a ‘cassette toilet’ and have a removable waste-holding tank, known as a cassette, which can be easily removed and emptied when full. The cassette is typically located in a compartment or storage area accessible from the exterior of the caravan.

Flushing your toilet

Caravan toilets are equipped with a flushing mechanism that uses a small amount of water from the caravan's freshwater tank to flush waste into the cassette. Some caravan toilets may also have electric flush systems for added convenience.


Most caravan toilets are designed with hygiene in mind. They have features like a flush that rinses the bowl, a seal to prevent odours and leaks, and often come with toilet paper holders and handwashing facilities.

However, it is still important to periodically clean and sanitise the caravan toilet to prevent odours and maintain hygiene. It’s also important to empty and rinse the waste cassette regularly, especially before it becomes full.

Can I use regular toilet roll in a caravan toilet?

It is best to use specialised toilet paper that is designed for use in motorhome and caravan toilets. This type of toilet paper is super soft, quick dissolving and protects the waste-holding tank's internal components from damage. Using standard toilet paper can increase the risk of clogs in the caravan's waste system, leading to more maintenance and potentially costly repairs.

Waste disposal

When the waste cassette needs emptying, it's time to dispose of the waste. Simply remove it from the caravan, carry it to a designated disposal point at a campsite or service station, and empty the waste into a sewage disposal system.

To give you an idea of tank volume - if a couple solely used a chemical toilet, never venturing to the campsite facilities, they’d probably fill a 20-litre tank in three days.

Where can I empty a full caravan toilet?

You can empty a caravan toilet at various locations, including campsites, service areas, and specialised waste disposal facilities.

Many camping sites and caravan parks provide dedicated facilities for emptying your toilet waste during your stay. Be sure to check with the staff about the location and operation of their waste disposal facilities.

Some service stations and rest areas along highways and major roads have waste disposal facilities for caravans and motorhomes. When emptying your toilet, be sure to follow proper disposal procedures and guidelines provided at the facility.

Jo Mitchell

"It's important to note that the quality and features of caravan bathrooms can vary, depending on the type and model of the caravan. Therefore, when selecting a caravan, consider the bathroom facilities and features that align with your preferences and needs to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the road."

Jo Mitchell, Marketing Director at Swift

What are the benefits of an onboard toilet?

Having a toilet onboard your touring caravan can significantly improve your camping and travel experiences by providing a comfortable and convenient solution for toilet needs.

It allows you to enjoy greater flexibility when choosing camping locations, as you're not entirely dependent on the availability and cleanliness of external bathroom facilities.

Having your own caravan toilet ensures privacy when nature calls, and if you are travelling with young children, an onboard toilet can make bathroom breaks more convenient and efficient.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and need to use the bathroom, having one in your caravan also eliminates the need to leave your comfortable sleeping quarters and venture outside.

Keep in mind that it also comes with responsibilities, such as properly maintaining and emptying the waste cassette in accordance with campsite rules and environmental regulations.

Do Swift caravans come with onboard toilets?

All touring caravans throughout our 2024 range at Swift have toilets onboard, even across the smaller ranges such as the Basecamp and Sprite Compact. All models come equipped with a Thetford toilet with electric flush and 18 litre wheeled waste tank.

The Swift Challenger Exclusive (pictured below) comes equipped with a modern washroom that features a shower cubicle, electric flush toilet, storage, rooflight and vanity tap.

Swift Challenger Exclusive bathroom


In summary, most modern touring caravans come with onboard toilets and bathroom facilities, however the availability of these features may vary depending on the specific make and model of the caravan. If having a toilet is important to you, make sure to choose a caravan that is equipped with one.

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