What touring caravans are 8ft wide?


A caravan that has a width of 8ft (2.45m) would be considered spacious, offering an extra touch of touring luxury and comfort.

Family enjoying time away in a Swift caravan

Increased interior space

The primary advantage of an 8ft wide caravan is the extra interior space it provides, which often creates a larger living area to relax in. Some 8-ft wide models feature a desirable L-shaped lounge.

Room for larger amenities

Wider caravans may accommodate larger and more comfortable bathroom facilities, such as roomier showers or separate toilet areas. With the extra width, there's potential for a more fully-featured kitchen with increased counter space and additional appliances.

Flexible interior layout

A wider footprint allows for more flexibility in designing the interior layout for better space optimisation.

Swift caravan layout of a wider 8ft width

Enhanced comfort and convenience

A wider caravan can allow for larger beds or additional sleeping areas. The extra width can also provide space for a more generous dining area, making meals and socialising more comfortable.

Jo Mitchell

"Whilst a wider caravan offers numerous advantages, it can also present some challenges such as maneuverability, extra weight, parking and storage limitations. It's important to consider these factors to ensure a well-balanced design that addresses both the benefits and potential drawbacks of extra width."

Jo Mitchell, Marketing Director at Swift


A wider caravan can be more accessible, allowing for easier movement within the living space. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility challenges.


The additional width allows for more storage options, enabling you to carry more belongings or equipment without feeling cramped.

Swift caravan from the front and rear

Swift offer a good selection of 8ft-wide touring caravans across both single and twin axles. The award-winning Sprite Grande, Challenger Grande SE, Challenger Grande Exclusive, and the multi-award winning Elegance Grande all sit in this width bracket. The table below demonstrates the width of all our caravan ranges.

Swift caravan model Width (m/ft)
Swift Sprite 2.25m / 7'5"
Sprite Compact 2.03m / 6’8”
Sprite Grande 2.46m / 8'1"
Challenger SE 2.28m / 7’6”
Challenger Grande SE 2.45m / 8’0”
Challenger Exclusive 2.28m / 7’6”
Challenger Grande Exclusive 2.45m / 8’0”
Elegance Grande 2.45m / 8'0"
Basecamp 2.28m / 7’6”

While an 8ft wide caravan offers several benefits, there are practical aspects to consider prior to purchasing, such as weight and towing requirements.

A wider caravan typically weighs more than a narrower one of the same length, so this can affect fuel efficiency and may require a more powerful towing vehicle. Manoeuvring and towing a wider caravan can also be more challenging, especially in tight spaces or on narrow roads.


An 8ft-wide caravan offers several benefits over narrower options such as a larger interior space and amenities, enhanced comfort, functionality and convenience. Swift has an extensive range of 8ft-wide caravans, offering both single and twin axle models, including Sprite Grande, Challenger Grande SE, Challenger Grande Exclusive, and Elegance Grande.

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