Check in with our newest Step-In programme inductees at Swift


We caught up for a quick Q&A with our newest group of Step-In inductees to find out more about them and how they have found their first week.

What were you doing previously?

Samantha - I was a pharmacy advisor, but I needed a total change and something to take me out of my comfort zone.

Step-In inductees

Michael - I worked in hospitality for 13 years and felt like I needed a change because the hours you work in hospitality was impacting my work life balance.

David - I was an Employer Engagement officer specialising in apprenticeships at a local college.

Matt – I worked as a Sports Coach in primary schools.

How did you hear about the Step-In programme?

Samantha - I saw the job role on the Indeed app.

Michael - I saw the job role on the website and applied through there.

David - I read about the programme online over the summer and also applied for another job role. However gaining experience via Step-In was suggested as the best route to join Swift.

Matt – Like David, I applied for a different position however the interviewer explained how going through Step-In would help me get the required experience.

What did you know about Swift before you applied?

Samantha - I knew it was a massive caravan company and a big local employer.

Michael - I have friends who work at Swift so I know it is a demanding job however the shifts will give me more time to spend with my family.

David - I was aware it was the largest caravan company in the UK. I have friends who work for Swift and spoke highly on the culture and the pay along with other benefits.

Matt - My friend works for Swift and really enjoys working here because of the togetherness of the team, the good hours and the pay.

How has the first week gone for you all?

Samantha - I have felt really supported and welcomed by everyone. The pacing of the training has been good because I have no experience in this type of role so getting a lot of feedback and making sure I am comfortable doing a task has been beneficial.

Michael - It's been fast paced but I have always had somebody I can turn to for help. I’m a practical learner so getting stuck in has suited me well.

David - Really good, I have felt supported by and feel like I can ask anyone for help. The day we spent on the line with a gang with a co-worker to buddy up with and offer assistance was really helpful.

Matt - Brilliant. The training has been really good especially the practical aspects and the health and safety side of the training has made me feel safe working in a totally new environment to me.

Have you anything else to add?

Samantha - If you get the chance to join Step-In take it because it’s a great way to get employed at a big local company even if you have no experience.

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