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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Swift Group has published its COVID-19 risk assessment, demonstrating that the company fully complies with Government guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19.

Through a designated Project team, Swift has identified the roles that can be carried out from home, and home working has now been implemented. Where working from home is not possible, for example throughout manufacturing, assembly lines and logistics, we have reviewed all business activities to ensure that these are able to go ahead safely. Procedures have been put in place across the whole site in relation to 2m physical distancing, increased surface cleaning and wearing of protective equipment. All employees returning to the business will be informed of the changes via our ‘let’s get back to work safely’ induction that will be supported with regular briefings on site.

Audits and workplace observations will take place frequently to ensure the measures adopted remain effective, and adjustments will be made where required. All updates will be published and available to all stakeholders through internal systems and our website.

These robust measures will ensure Swift Group staff stay as safe as possible at all times.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Covid-19 Secure