Applications are open to join our Step In Programme at Swift Academy


Applications are open to join our Step In Programme, where successful candidates will attend a bespoke 6-week training & development course with specialist tuition within our Swift Academy.

Once the programme has been completed you will graduate to become an approved full-time Technician.

We caught up with Step In Programme graduate Sam Dewsbury to share his experience on becoming a Technical Training Specialist here at Swift...

Sam Dewsbury

Where had you worked previously?

I was a professional strength and condition coach after getting my masters at University of Hull. I had also worked as Duty Manager at a leisure facility.

Why did you choose the Step In Programme at Swift?

It is a good way into a forward thinking company despite having no experience in the industry. I was aware of the possible progression due to the size of Swift Group.

What did you learn during your Step In Programme?

I learned key skills on how to operate a variety of equipment correctly and safely. I picked up a lot of useful maintenance skills which transfer to my personal life. You embrace the Swift culture and the expectations required to be a contributing member of the team.

Have you got any advice?

You only get out what you put in. If you demonstrate effort and enthusiasm, you will be rewarded because a good attitude and energy is invaluable in a fast paced manufacturing environment.

What is Sam doing now

Sam has had incredible progression since starting the Step In Programme due to his willingness to learn, work ethic and fully buying into the EPIC culture at Swift. Sam is now Technical Trainer overseeing 3 production lines for motorhomes and all of manufacturing areas such as GRP. Sam leads manual handling courses company wide and is now the lead trainer of the Step In Programme.

Read more and how to apply for the Step In Programme.

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