Sprite Caravans

Explore the 2016 range

Back in 1949, Sam Alper developed the first Sprite caravan and since then Sprite has remained the name everyone associates with style, lightweight and affordable – the ideal first new caravan. A new Sprite Freedom range is introduced for 2016, the ideal first time buyers family caravan with all the essentials you need to get away and the Sprite is enhanced with a more upmarket feel but still remains true to its values.

  • Sprite Freedom

    Making the entry into a new caravan more affordable and ideal for first time buyers, the new Sprite Freedom range offers three popular six berth family models with all the essentials you need to get away. Built to the same high standards as Swift Group’s more expensive ranges, under the skin is enhanced SMART Plus construction.

    • 6 Berth
    • 2 Single axle models
    • 1 Twin axle model
    • MRO from: 1182kg
    • Prices: £14,395.00 - £15,820.00
  • Sprite

    Sprite is the UK's best selling caravan range. It has revolutionised entry-level caravanning and for 2016 has a more upmarket look and feel but still remains true to its roots. Enhancements for the new season, include SMART plus construction, stylish new graphics and three opening front windows. With a wide range of layouts and options to tailor your model, you are sure to find a Sprite to match your budget.

    • 2 - 6 Berths
    • 6 Single axle models
    • 2 Twin axle models
    • MRO from: 1025kg
    • Prices: £13,995.00 - £17,055.00