Our Heritage

55 Years of Smiles

This timeline will take you through the fascinating journey of Swift Group’s history, highlighting the many significant steps it has taken over the past 55 years to become the innovative, forward-thinking market leader we are today.



From the day my father built his first Swift caravan, the company has been founded on the simple principle of making products that innovate in the key areas of design, quality and value for money.

This ethos has taken Swift from challenging early years, when my father Ken and mother Joan took on the giants of the industry to create something special through which customers could enjoy their leisure time, to the significant force in the UK and Europe we are today.

We are the only UK company to operate in all three market sectors, and I am proud to have been able to build a team who have helped to take the early lead given by my parents and create a company that will continue to provide unique, extra appeal products for the future.

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