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Check out our helpful FAQs for an instant answer to many common queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check the Owners Handbook

Check the owners handbook for specific answers relating to the operation of your product and general information regarding your warranty

Check the Technical Handbook

Check the Technical Handbook for specific information regarding your vehicle, including weights, dimensions, wiring diagrams and tyre pressures.

Contact your Dealer

Locate your Dealer with ease and contact them directly with your specific query.

Contact your appliance manufacturer

Many of our Swift Approved Suppliers manage their own technical and warranty queries. They may be able to help you directly.

When contacting your dealer:

Locating your VIN (or vehicle chassis Number)

In order for us to correctly identify your vehicle, the parts contained within and the history, we require the vehicles chassis number or VIN.

For Caravans, the chassis number can be found under the A Frame cover, stamped onto the chassis itself. The chassis number can also be, etched on all caravan windows from 1992 onwards.

For Motorhomes, the VIN can be found on the front windscreen and on the plate of the front cross member within the engine compartment and on the Swift manufacturers plate situated on the front bulkhead.

For Holiday Homes, the VIN can be found on the front chassis cross member and also on the Swift manufacturers plate situated on the lower corner of the rear panel.

In all cases, your chassis or VIN will also be recorded on the documentation received when you purchased the vehicle.

Contact the Swift Group

If your dealer is unable to answer your query and the handbook does not contain the answer
required, you can contact the Swift Group directly.