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Explore the 2015 Caravan range

The Swift Group manufacture three brands of touring caravans, each with its own personality, style and appeal.

Please select a brand from the list below for specific brand and range information.

  • Swift Caravans

    Determined to deliver exceptional value for money, Swift Group continue to drive significant increases in specification, ensuring prices remain competitive and boosting overall energy efficiency. The new flagship Elegance ranges takes caravan design and construction to the next level and extends the choice to four ranges covering different budget levels. Whatever model you are considering, there has never been a more compelling time to choose Swift.

  • Sterling Caravans

    Sterling Caravans are very distinctive and come with an interior style that has an up-to-date look; the kind of feeling found in many modern homes today. The new flagship Continental range is simply stunning and takes caravan construction to the next level. The Eccles Sport and SE ranges also reflect the new modern style with textured contrasts and colours, instead of wood, used to create a relaxing area with a feeling of light and space.

  • Sprite Caravans

    Back in 1949, Sam Alper developed the first Sprite caravan and since then Sprite has remained the name everyone associates with style, lightweight and affordable – the ideal first new caravan. The 2015 range has stylish looks and continues this passion to offer outstanding value for money.