Step into the Ultimate Constuction

SMART HT (Hi-Tech) is the most exciting breakthrough in caravan construction since their inception in the 1960’s. It features patented technology and takes caravan construction to a new level.

SMART HT features on the Swift Conqueror, Swift Elegance, Sterling Elite and Sterling Continental touring caravan ranges.

It uses a number of revolutionary, innovative materials and technologies not seen in the caravan industry before.

It has been in research, development and testing for five years and takes the recently launched SMART intelligent construction system to a new level with the use of hi-tech materials.

Such is the advance in design and construction many elements have been filed with the UK patent office.

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) cutting, driven by 3D CAD data, is used in the manufacturing process to provide accuracy and consistency time after time.

This produces a high quality engineered product, with automotive standards of build technology, designed to give you a lifetime of SMILES.

GRP Bodyshell Panels

  • GRP skin both sides provides excellent durability and impact resistance
  • Balanced panel so will not bow with heat as proven by environmental chamber testing

‘PURe’ Fixing Blocks

  • Tough, hard polyurethane blocks, totally impervious to water
  • Used within wall panels where extra fixing strength is required

Unique Cold Bridge

  • Breakthrough patented cold bridge within the aluminium side framing
  • Prevents formation of condensation

Completely Timberless Composite Floor

  • 5 layer sandwich construction
  • Tested to the equivalent of 8 tonnes (or 100 people), twisted and pulled, all at different temperatures
  • Combination of unique materials, processes and laminating solutions is patent pending
  • Incredibly strong with a great thermal performance in relation to weight


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics used to help shape bodyshell
  • All exterior parts are flush fitting allowing air to slip over the body and reduce drag
  • Market leading aerodynamics

Strong Jointing System

  • Panels lock into patent pending aluminium and SRIM corner jointing system
  • Panels secured firmly using strong bonding system
  • System so strong the number of mechanical fixings are significantly reduced saving weight
  • SRIM corner structure technology allows increase in internal space by 106mm
  • Extensively tested to meet exacting standards
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