Rigorous Testing

As the UK’s leading leisure vehicle manufacturer, the Swift Group undertakes what is probably the most extensive research and testing programme in the industry to ensure the design and engineering of our products set the industry standard for style, value and practicality.

Everything is looked at

From the detail of which timber is best for the furniture, how to protect the chassis and exterior cladding from corrosion, how to make sure Swift uses the most suitable sealants and adhesives, to the best chassis and the most suitable equipment for mobile use.

Timber Studies

Knowing that timber is a natural product and has natural characteristics, Swift Group have employed the use of the Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA), an internationally recognised centre of excellence on the specification and use of timber and wood products, to better understand our own timber products.

This research, in conjunction with our supply base has helped to develop better engineered specification for our timber products ensuring a more durable product.

Corrosion testing

Exterior components are regularly salt spray tested, by independent test houses, to ensure they will not suffer from any corrosion issues for the vehicle’s life. The aggressive tests using a saline spray ensure that every surface and sub-component is attacked by the saline. Only once the test house issues a certificate for its suitably will it be considered for use on our products.

Component Evaluation

Every new component introduced at Swift Group must go through a detailed and comprehensive evaluation before it can be used on a production vehicle. The evaluation, conducted by a number of trained engineers includes durability testing, functionally testing or form analysis. In many cases, new components are tested independently to ensure they are suitable for use on our products.

Only once a component has passed this evaluation can it be fitted to a production vehicle.

UV stability testing

We know that our customers want their products to keep looking good for as long as possible. We UV test our components to ensure they can withstand the affects of constant sunlight, but also that their physical properties, aside from just colour, are not affected by the natural UV rays of the sun.

Aluminium Studies

Knowing that our products are used and stored in harsh environments, Swift Group have employed the services of various independent experts in the field of corrosion to better understand the durability and paint finishes of our products. This laboratory testing and research has led to a much greater understanding of the affects of corrosion on aluminum and the causes of such phenomena.

Sealant and adhesive studies

The sealant products used on Swift Group products are some of the most advanced polymer based solutions supplied by global companies such as Bostik and Henkel (Loctite). Knowing the importance of the seal, each component is designed with the sealant usage in mind and approved by each of the sealant suppliers. Careful processes are followed to ensure that each product produced by Swift is dry and watertight.

Endurance testing

Swift Group were the first to use the Millbrook Proving ground to put vehicles through their paces to simulate 6 years usage, including aggressive kerb strikes and pave.

Swift Group have also recorded data from special recording instruments to measure dynamic load inputs, resultant displacement vectors and vibrations within the caravan structure on the Millbrook track to get a worse case scenario.

Along with stability testing of each product at Millbrook looking into the weight distribution to verifying the centre of gravity calculations on a tilting road this all goes to making our vehicles safer to drive and tow.

Keeping you safe

Once again using the sophisticated sled test facilities at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire, Swift Group has begun testing Motorhomes in a frontal impact collision simulation. This kind of testing is continually helping our designers and engineers to build better and safer Motorhomes.

All fixed seat belt anchorages within our Motorhome products are also fully tested and homologated for use in our Motorhomes. Although the homologation of a seat belt anchorage can be done theoretically by calculation, Swift Group tests each seat belt anchorage used to ensure our passengers are safe when travelling in our products.

Thermally efficient

All Swift Group products under go cold chamber testing to optimise the heating and thermal performance.

Caravans and Motorhomes

Caravans and motorhomes undergo extreme testing in a specially designed cold chamber facility where they are subjected to a rigorous testing regime to ensure they perform at temperatures down to -15°C and beyond. All Swift Group Caravans and Motorhomes achieve the BS EN 1645/6 Grade 3.

Swift Group also takes this one step further applying solar loads on to the roof structure and sunroofs to simulate the suns heat rays on a hot day in the middle of summer to ensure a thermally stable caravan.

Holiday Homes

Swift Group tests its holiday homes in an environmental chamber to help optimise the heating and ventilation levels and measure the thermal performance of the homes.

In addition, thermal imaging helps to ensure the products are fully design and engineered to meet the requirement of a modern holiday home.

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