Innovative and creative

Swift Group’s design team is widely recognised as the most innovative and creative within our industry, often leading the future design of leisure vehicles.

Design influences

With a wide range of backgrounds including the automotive and interior design sector, our degree qualified engineers and designers draw from a wide range of influences to style our future products.

State of the art design

Sophisticated automotive design software allows our designers to create innovative 2D design sketches directly into the computer package that can then be developed in to 3D models and rendered to create design visuals for through evaluation of the use of space, ergonomics, aesthetics, interior and graphic design; all before a prototype is built.

Precision evaluation

3D CAD data drives CNC machines in the factory to create highly accurate tools for the manufacture of all plastic and GRP parts. At this stage aerodynamic evaluation can also be undertaken.

Fully engineered

Our specialist mechanical engineers use the latest 3D CAD software to ensure designs meet the strict design and engineering standards set by the company. All components are stored within the system and this information can be used to confirm the correct installation, define packaging space and identify clashes and any issues with the component prior to build.

Rapid prototypes

The use of rapid prototypes allows our engineers to create fully dimensional representative components for form, fit and function directly from 3D CAD data in a matter of hours using our in-house 3D printers. This enables us to bring new fully defined components and products to market much quicker than previously.

Physical prototypes

To prove performance and build accuracy in the real world, physical prototypes are built, trialed and tested. Numerous measuring equipment is used to ensure every aspect of a component is understood and recorded before a product goes into full production.

Holiday Home Snow loading

To ensure our Holiday Homes meet the highest engineering standards required, every complete holiday home structure is assessed by independent Structural Engineers to meet the Class B Snow Loading Grade. Using complex mathematical formulae and dedicated software, these engineers approve every design of Holiday Home produced by the Swift Group.

Logged and recorded

Swift Group have an extensive bill of materials database that ensures the correct parts are ordered and available in time for the manufacturing build. It also logs and archives the parts that were used to manufacture a vehicle against it’s specific chassis number so any Swift Group dealer can check the exact specification used in the build for after sales orders using our comprehensive Supercare aftercare system.

All present and correct

Swift Group’s legislation team actively works with various trade bodies to ensure full legislation and safety compliance of our products. We are proud members and supporters of the National Caravan Council our industry trade body. Each new vehicle type is independently inspected by both the NCC and our Type Approval authority to ensure compliance with the legislative requirements. We were the first manufacturer to introduce European Whole Vehicle Type approval for both motorhomes and caravans.

Intellectually protected

Being at the forefront of leisure vehicle design, Swift Group have a number of patents and patent applications with the Intellectual Property Office to protect our innovative designs.

Investing in tomorrow’s people

As one of the largest single employers in the East Yorkshire region, The Swift Group are proud to be part of the local community and the wider engineering community. Since 2009, our Engineering team have actively built relationships with local engineering organisations, Colleges, Universities and companies to ensure that we are able to integrate with the community and offer opportunities and support to those within the engineering field.

Partners for success

Swift Group have a number of specialist partners at our disposal to undertake specific studies into our products. These partners have been chosen for their expertise in any given field, for example durability testing, stability testing or aerodynamic studies.

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