Time is ticking away for non EU Approved Motorhomes

Time is ticking away for Motorhomes and Van Conversions that do not have either full European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) or one of the two alternative Type Approval options available to smaller manufacturers. From April 29 it will be illegal to register an M1 class motorhome or van Conversion that does not have the appropriate approval certificate.

At the moment, the Swift Group is the only manufacturer in the UK of both coachbuilt and van conversion motorhomes that has full ECWVTA for every model in the company’s Swift, Bessacarr, Autocruise and Escape ranges.

The Swift Group was the first motorhome manufacturer in the UK to gain ECWVTA approval back in 2003 and has continued to set the standard in the UK by being the first manufacturer to gain full ECWVTA approval on the company’s full range of Swift, Sterling, Sprite and Special Edition Caravans well ahead of the mandatory requirement for touring caravans of October 2014.

All Swift Group Motorhomes are categorised as Special Purpose M1 vehicles and each product has gone through rigorous testing and inspection to ensure high standards of safety and security of the vehicle and its occupants as well as their impact on the environment. Other coachbuilt manufacturers have achieved ECWVTA on some of their products but Swift claim to be the only van conversion manufacturer in the UK to have achieved full approval to date.

“There has been a time bomb quietly ticking away in the background for some time on this scheme and with an end of April deadline this will undoubtedly put pressure on some of our competitors to comply or put dealers in the embarrassing situation of not being able to legally sell their products.

“These standards are essential to guarantee the public products that are safe, well built and able to be manufactured to a consistently high standard. The requirements of this independently managed scheme have been at the forefront of our designers minds for over a decade and are reflected in the design style, safety and quality of our market leading products, Nick Page Commercial Director of the Swift Group commented.

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