Swift Group rank 95th in Sunday Times Track 200 for Britain’s Private Companies fastest growing International Sales

The UK’s largest leisure vehicle manufacturer Swift Group has ranked 95th in the sixth annual Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 league table. This ranks Britain’s private companies with the fastest growing international sales over the last 2 years.

Swift Group is one of only fifteen companies from Yorkshire to make the Track 200 league table. During the last two years these companies added 1,640 jobs and employed a total of 12,370 people. Swift are the UK Market leaders in Touring Caravan and Motorhomes and are the only UK manufacturer to produce Tourers, Motorhomes and Holiday Homes. With 900 staff and a turnover of £200m, Swift are one of Yorkshire’s manufacturing success stories.

Swift have seen a 34% increase in its International sales over the last couple of years and as well as seeing sales increase in established international markets such as Holland, Belgium, France, New Zealand and Austalia, Swift has also entered several new markets such as Germany, Israel, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand in this time all contributing to its success. With Sweden the latest new market Swift are entering, with a new range of left hand drive Motorhomes (in Q4 2015), the future looks bright for this thriving company.

Nick Page – Group Commercial Director Commented “I am absolutely delighted with our position in the Track 200 league table. In 2008 we realised the huge potential that existed in International markets. The Swift brand is extremely strong and represents our key business cornerstones for our products of Quality, Reliability, Well-Engineered and Best in class. This has translated extremely well internationally and there is an ever-increasing demand for all our products in all sectors.”

Nick added “The 2015 season looks even more encouraging with export sales just for one year exceeding £12.6 million, compared with the figures of £12.5million listed in the Track 200 league table for over two years, where Swift are listed in 95th position. So I am confident that in the next Track league 200 table, we will have an even higher listing!

The business has a strong leadership team who all saw the value in developing the business internationally and over the last seven years we have gone from strength to strength. The Swift brand is now truly global covering Europe, Asia and Australasian markets, and we are currently assessing more international markets to enter in the forthcoming years.”

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