Swift Group lead Tyre Safety Campaign

In a move to make sure that all their touring caravans meet the very highest safety standards the Swift Group has announced that it has started to fit Hankook branded tyres with a 10% extra load factor and improved braking performance to all its Swift, Sterling and Sprite products.

Many manufacturers fit unbranded tyres only rated to the MTPLM, and over the years tyre safety has been the subject of many press articles. By making this move, the tyres fitted to Swift Group products have the dual benefit of having an extra load safety factor built in and an improved braking performance.

In special tests carried out at the Millbrook test circuit, a Swift Charisma fitted with Hankook tyres stopped from 60mph in 54.48 metres on a wet road. This figure improves on the highway code recommended figure for a single car which is set at 55 metres in the dry.

In the same tests both premium tyres and budget tyres took over 57.5 metres to stop from 60mph, giving the Hankook tyre a safety margin of up to 3.19 metres over 10.5 feet, on the other tyres tested.

“The safety of our owners is always paramount and with more people touring on the continent, where cruising speeds are higher, we felt that fitting the best tyres with proven high levels of performance and safety was an area in which we should lead the industry. It will be interesting to see if other manufactures follow suit,” Nick Page Commercial Director of the Swift Group commented.

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