Swift Group launch new SMART construction across their entire caravan range

SmartSwift Group is launching a new SMART intelligent construction system across their entire UK touring caravan range.

SMART is based on proven technology and provides a Strong timber-less body frame with Modern desirable looks and a leading Aerodynamic shape that is Resilient to moisture, all wrapped up in a Caravan that has undergone the most comprehensive Testing.

The new Strong timberless body frame uses ‘PURe’, a tough, hard polyurethane based product that is totally impervious to water and has been proven through use. The construction method prevents the transfer of moisture from the 5000 Series marine grade aluminium sidewalls to the wall board inside, making the caravan highly Resilient to moisture.

All fixings, including windows and doors are made into the ‘PURe’ frame which is varied in density in different areas to suit the strength required. Already lighter than timber and with this density tuning it provides around a 10-14kg weight saving without any loss in strength.

A special waterproof sealant is used around fixing screws and they are engineered so that they do not go all the way through the ‘PURe’ frame. The ‘PURe’ material being totally impervious to water and having no veins means there is no passage for water from the outer skin to the inner wallboard, combating moisture ingress.

Everything including the insulating HD polystyrene insulation core is CNC (computer numerically controlled) cut to provide accuracy and consistency time after time to give a high quality engineered product.

The new bodyshell has been through extensive safety and durability Testing at the Millbrook track and through cold chamber Testing down to minus 15 degrees C and beyond. This puts prototypes through conditions most products will never have to experience in a life time; all part of the Swift Ethos to deliver the best products which are both safe to use and fit for purpose providing confidence for customers.

This has been done with no compromise in the Modern desirable looks inside and out and Swift Group touring caravans continue to lead the way in Aerodynamics using Computational Fluid Dynamics to help shape the bodyshell for better fuel consumption and safer towing.

Nick page, Swift Group Commercial Director commented, ‘We are constantly looking at new and better ways to construct our products and only introduce new developments when we know they are fit for purpose. SMART intelligent construction bears the ethos of what we want to achieve for all our products going forward. The introduction of ‘PURe’ is a simple change that will make a big difference to moisture resilience and has already been well proven through use. Our customers can be confident that this small but significant change will enhance the quality and longevity of their purchase.’

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