Swift Group Exclusives 2014

Swift Group are excited to announce a range of exclusive features for 2014 that you won’t find in any other manufacturers caravans, motorhomes or holiday homes.

Completely new for 2014, Swift Group are delighted to have secured exclusivity to fit the Duvalay Duvalite mattress in its fixed bed models to give customers the ultimate nights sleep. This will be a standard feature in the 2014 SE caravan ranges upwards and all coachbuilt motorhomes.

Brought to recognition on Dragon’s Den and now backed by Hilary Devey, the ‘Duvalay Duvalite’ is a new innovative mattress made with lightweight memory fibre technology. This hypoallergenic fibre remains as comfortable as memory foam but has many other benefits. Helping eliminate heat retention it gives superior temperature harmony, excellent pressure relief and is durable and resilient. It is resistant to dust-mites and is 100% recyclable. Being ultra light weight it also contributes to significant weight savings.

DMACK EcoXtra tyres fitted on all Swift Group tourers are another exclusive.  As one of only two suppliers to the FIA World Rally Championship, DMACK motorsport tyres have been tested to the limit across some of the world's toughest road conditions. This technical expertise has been transferred across the range of road tyres with a focus on quality, durability and safety. The EcoXtra tread pattern is specifically designed to provide low rolling resistance and delivers greater fuel economy for environmentally aware motorists.

Carried over form last year, all Swift Group caravans and motorhomes come exclusively fitted with a Thatcham Approved TRACKER as standard. This is one of the most effective tracking systems available, recognised by all UK Police forces. Powered by its own battery it is ideal while the vehicle is in use or in storage. The unit comes with an initial 3 month subscription which can be extended to 5 years on a single competitive payment.

Also carried over from last year is the luxury ‘Impala’ fabric scheme. This is available as an option on most Swift Group caravans and motorhomes and all holiday homes. ‘Impala’ is a luxury upholstery fabric that combines a soft velvet feel with outstanding cleaning results and exceptional durability and is again only available on Swift Group products.

Swift Group have also joined up with Glamour Shield to offer preferential deals on Supagard™ paint and fabric protection solutions.

Supagard™ professional paint sealant has been professionally applied to vehicles for over 20 years and is guaranteed to protect your caravan/motorhomes exterior from acid rain, UV rays, atmospheric pollutants, road salt and other causes of exterior fading and degradation.

Supagard™ InteriorGuard prevents spills of coffee, soft drinks, juices and other liquids from permanently staining your fabrics and carpets, protecting your interior against those occasional mishaps.

Finally, Swift also work in partnership with key suppliers like Truma, Alde and AL-KO to make sure the component parts of their products are the best they can be for the purpose required. This sees all 2014 caravan and motorhome products now fitted with heating systems that ensure they easily meet the Grade 3 Standard for heating and insulation.

Swift Group Commercial Director, Nick Page commented, “We have developed links with a range of suppliers this year to offer our customers exclusive, luxury features that help set our products further apart from the rest of the field. Along with refinements in all ranges, to enhance already winning formulas, the 2014 models are the best yet to come out of the Swift stable.”

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