Swift Group enjoys record sales levels and reveals investment in production facilities

Swift Group, the UK’s leading touring caravan, motorhome and holiday home manufacturer are celebrating an all-time record-breaking season to date, with sales for the Group’s touring caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes significantly ahead of the previous season.

Already enjoying significant market share, Swift’s touring caravan brands and ranges are over 20% ahead of last season. Key performers are the Sprite range, with sales higher than last year, which clearly endorses the range as the best value entry-level caravan in the market.

Customers have also clearly been impressed with the SMART construction technology and the SMART HT construction technology, which was introduced just over a year ago on the Swift Elegance and Sterling Continental ranges and is the most advanced caravan construction system in the world. Sales of these premium caravan ranges have been exceptional and have sold out for the current season.

The Group’s motorhome sales are significantly ahead of last season with strong sales across all brands and ranges. Swift Group invested heavily in their motorhome ranges for the 2015 season with the addition of SMART construction in all coachbuilt models.

Meanwhile Swift’s holiday home ranges are also experiencing strong demand and high sales levels.

Due to this exceptional demand for Swift Group products the business is expanding and investing in its production lines with added flexibility built-in to manage the growing market and serve future sales orders. Complementing this expansion the business is also investing in a new bonding line which will further enhance product quality. This development is well underway and by mid-2016 will be complete.

“It is clear that with confidence back in the market, customers are continuing to choose Swift Group as the company of choice in all our key markets. This has resulted in unparalleled sales levels which we are delighted about. However rather than rest on our laurels we are absolutely dedicated to improving our customers experience with our products. The fact that we are significantly enhancing our product facilities is a clear commitment to our focus on quality control and investing in new technologies which will bring improved manufacturing processes.” Commercial Director Nick Page commented.

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