Swift Go motorhome hire given the thumbs up by leading travel  journalist

Swift Go motorhome hire given the thumbs up by leading travel journalist

Winter may be with us but that doesn’t mean you have to hibernate along with the hedgehogs. For the adventurous types camping can still be fun, providing you can stay warm and dry.

But to be honest, how likely is that in the UK? Far better to invest in (or hire) a motorhome to enjoy the freedom of the open road with all the comforts of home. And modern-day motorhomes are certainly comfortable. Plush furnishings, well-thought out bathrooms with showers; kitchens with cookers and fridges; central heating, air conditioning and, joy of joys, wi-fi and televisions.

The beds are comfortable (and don’t deflate in the night) and even when you’re on a site without an electric hook-up you can charge your mobile phone or music device; the beers are cold; your muddy boots can be stashed in the “garage” and, if you have a suitable attachment, you can even bring along a small car to save decamping if you want to nip to the shops.

Motorhomes are the way to go – literally – and, as witnessed by the number seen on the roads this summer (waving at the driver as you pass, of course), are becoming ever more popular If you’re new to driving and living in a motorhome, a more sensible option than dashing out and spending tens of thousands of pounds on one is to hire one for a week or so to see if you’re suited. We did just that and collected our Swift Escape motorhome in Stockport, a newlyopened branch of Yorkshire-based Swift.

The premise is that you just turn up with your clothes, stock up on food for the duration and you’re ready to go. Everything else is included in the hire price including bedding, towels and a welcome pack of essentials for a celebratory cup of tea and your first morning’s breakfast...

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