Swift Bolero and Bessacarr 500 models enhanced to maintain leading position in luxury “low profile” sector

The Swift Group have made further detailed enhancements to the Swift Bolero and Bessacarr 500 models to keep these ranges ahead of the competition for 2014.

In addition to the powerful Alde radiator central heating all models come fitted with a Winter Pack as standard which includes fresh and waste water tank heaters, drain insulation and fridge vent covers. They already easily achieved Grade 3 performance for heating and thermal insulation and with the addition of the Winter Pack they are truly suitable for all year round touring.

A Truma 'Crash Sensor Mono' regulator even allows the heating system to be safely operated while travelling to keep the whole living space warm.

All models are based on Fiat Ducato with AL-KO chassis conversions. These are normally associated with much more expensive motorhomes and give the advantage of lower weight and therefore extra payload, a more rigid construction and improved ride and handling. Variable geometry also allows designers to optimise wheelbase and rear overhang.

Engines are all 2.3litres with 6-speed gearboxes and power level is 130bhp or 150bhp, depending on body length. Larger models are available with the Fiat Comfort-Matic automatic gearbox with 150bhp engine, or the recently introduced 130bhp automatic option for the shorter length models.

Swift Bolero models continue with their silver cab and sporty silver, graphite and burgundy window line graphics. Bessacarr 500 models drop the ‘E’ donation for 2014 and have a new silver cab with silver and British racing green graphics for a classic look.

Both ranges have new sleeker exterior windows and new quality Seitz exterior door with secure 2-point locking, window, integral flyscreen, door retainer, bin and stepwell light. Low level ventilation has been moved from the stepwell to make the interior quieter in transit.

The Bessacarr 500 retains its contemporary Italian Ash furniture and Swift Bolero also keeps its woodgrain – Mali Acacia – but both have new gloss finish upper locker doors and new soft furnishing schemes.

500 models have dark chocolate ribbed seating fabric against a pale but warm grey with an undulating design. It is broken up by a soft gold stripe that links into the pale gold ribbed curtain fabric and is picked up by the decorative leaf pattern of the wall pad fabric.

Boleros have a heavy weave seating fabric with a brown hue and warm toffee threads running through against a plain brown fabric. It is broken up by a toffee stripe that links into the curtain and scatter cushions incorporating a random abstract design.

Both ranges have the option of ‘Impala’ stain resistant easy-clean seating fabric with a soft nubuck texture, unique to Swift Group.

Also exclusive to Swift Group is the fitting of an ultra comfortable ‘Duvalay Duvalite’ mattress. Brought to recognition on Dragon’s Den and now backed by Hilary Devey, the ‘Duvalay Duvalite’ is a new innovative mattress made with lightweight memory fibre technology. This hypoallergenic fibre remains as comfortable as memory foam but has many other benefits. Helping eliminate heat retention it gives superior temperature harmony, excellent pressure relief and is durable and resilient. It is resistant to dust-mites and is 100% recyclable. Being ultra light weight it also contributes to significant weight savings.

Practical removable carpets are sectioned giving the flexibility to leave carpet in lounge areas and remove it from entrance door areas if required exposing the new French oak effect floor vinyl.

The lighting system is ultra low energy with ambient lighting and LED spots. Washrooms are enhanced with mirror lighting and a practical addition is the Eco Camel shower head and hose in the washroom which cleverly injects air directly into the water stream so you use less water while experiencing a powerful shower. Washrooms doors have a new decorative inlay.

The five best selling layouts are taken forward for 2014 offering between 2 to 4 travelling seats and berths. Every model has a fixed bed(s) and a separate showering area.

Introduced last year all models also come with a “TRACKER Retrieve” Thatcham approved tracking system and the reassurance of Swift Group’s 10-year body integrity warranty. Many insurers insist on trackers, so it could save customers several hundred pounds for fitting one later.

The ever-popular Vogue and Elegance special value packs, containing key upgrades like cab air-conditioning and a twin-view reversing camera, are retained for 2014.

“Despite the current economic climate affecting large ticket purchases, the quality and appeal of these models has ensured sales have remained steady on par with the previous year. They are very stylish ranges inside and out with items like the Alde heating and AL-KO chassis normally only available in more expensive motorhomes. With further enhancements for 2014 we expect them to continue to sell well,”Nick Page Commercial Director of the Swift Group commented.

Bolero and 500 Model Ranges

Bolero 682FB/562 3.5t - 130bhp 2 seater, 4 berth with fixed rear double bed
Bolero 684FB/564 3.7t - 130bhp 4 seater, 4 berth with fixed double bed
Bolero 712SB/572 4.0t - 150bhp 2 seater, 4 berth with fixed twin beds and end washroom
Bolero 722FB/582 4.0t - 150bhp 2 seater, 4 berth with fixed double bed and end washroom
Bolero 724FB/584 4.0t - 150bhp 4 seater, 4 berth with fixed double bed and end washroom

Bolero 630PR/E520 and Bolero 630EW/E540 have been discontinued

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