Students dream up caravans of the future

Students dream up caravans of the future

An amphibious caravan and one that turned into an impromptu coffee shop were among the ideas dreamed up by students in their efforts to design a future Swift caravan.

The competition at Hull’s Craven Park on November 15th was judged by star of TV’s The Apprentice, Adam Corbally, and Swift design supremo Paul Cunningham.

College and sixth-form students from Hull and the East Riding took on the challenge at a special event for Global Entrepreneurship Week.   

Apprentice star shares wisdom 
Adam Corbally reached the final of The Apprentice in 2012. He was later named best ever contestant by readers of The Radio Times. 

Before taking part in the judging, he gave a speech to the young people about his own origins on a fruit and veg stall and how he went on to build a property empire and become a reality TV star. 

‘Anybody can do anything that they put their minds to,’ Adam said. 

‘Whether that’s being an entrepreneur; going for a great apprenticeship; getting onto a college or university course – they can do it. Break down barriers, step out of their comfort zone and make things happen.”

Swift designer impressed 
Casting an expert eye over the designs was Swift’s Paul Cunningham. 

Paul has 10 years’ experience in the engineering and design of caravans at Swift and is now our project manager for motorhomes – and he commended the students’ efforts.  

‘I was impressed with the innovation and creativity displayed by the young people,’ explained Paul.

‘Everything we put into our caravans starts life as an idea drawn on pen and paper, and the students were working in the same way – collaborating and problem-solving to come up with design ideas that would appeal to different audiences and meet the needs of potential buyers.’  

Caravan design for core skills
The event was organised by Hull City Council and Hull Youth Enterprise. Swift was an event sponsor. 

Youth enterprise officer Michael Notarantonio said: ‘The caravan design competition is perfect for building skills. The young people work collaboratively, brainstorm ideas, demonstrate their creativity and solve problems. All useful skills for interview situations and work.’ 

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