Stolen Sterling Eccles Sport quickly recovered with help of TRACKER and Police

It can be a nightmare when you find your caravan stolen! It certainly was for Torksey Caravans in Lincolnshire when they discovered a Sterling Eccles Sport 636 disappearing from the sales site last Thursday lunchtime. Fortunately, all Swift Group caravans now come with a Thatcham approved TRACKER retrieve fitted as standard, so as one of the quick thinking staff notified TRACKER and the Police, another jumped in a car in pursuit of the thieves.

Unfortunately, the pursuit failed as the thieves drove through red traffic lights but soon with the help of TRACKER the police were able to pick up the TRACKER retrieve signal and eventually found the caravan at a disused shed in the early evening, sadly the thieves had already fled by the time they arrived.

A very relieved Andy Carrington from Torksey was delighted to hear the Sterling Eccles Sport had been recovered, ‘the theft of the van is huge headache for anyone including us, but through our quick thinking staff and because Swift has started to fit a TRACKER on all their vehicles, we were able to notify police, trace the vehicle and recover the same day, I cannot tell you how delighted I am that Swift fit TRACKER’.

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