Sterling Caravans take styling cues from colour concept research and are built with new SMART construction

Sterling CaravansSterling Caravans styling is even more distinctive for 2014, with cues taken from the colour concept caravan displayed at the February NEC show. All three ranges also come with new SMART intelligent construction, making them more robust to the elements and an excellent investment for the future.

SMART Construction provides a Strong timber-less body frame with Modern desirable looks and a leading Aerodynamic shape that is Resilient to moisture, all wrapped up in a Caravan that has undergone the most comprehensive Testing.

The new timber-less body frame uses PURe, a strong polyurethane material that is totally impervious to water and has been proven in use on the continent. The construction method prevents the transfer of moisture from the outside to the upgraded hardwood ply wall board making the caravan highly resilient to moisture. Everything is CNC (computer numerically controlled) cut to provide accuracy and consistency time after time to give a high quality engineered product. Thorough testing provides confidence for customers.

(For more details on SMART Construction see the SMART press release)

All models still comply with European Whole Vehicle Type Approval , have EN1645 Grade 3 classification for heating and insulation which is the highest available and the seal of assurance from Swift’s 10-year body integrity warranty.

For 2014 all models also come with quality branded, DMACK EcoXtra tyres.  The EcoXtra tread pattern is specifically designed to provide low rolling resistance, which can deliver greater fuel economy.

Over 600 customers took their time to let Swift know their thoughts about the colour concept caravan at the NEC show in February and Swift have taken this valuable insight and incorporated it into the 2014 Sterling range.

The feedback was very positive, especially for the hessian effect furniture with matt white locker doors and chrome handles, French oak vinyl floor covering with rugs, textured wall covering with rounded edge mirror, chrome sockets, new design kitchen and vanity taps and new colours for the interior walls and surfaces. All these design cues can be found in the new Eccles Sport and Eccles SE ranges for 2014.

Outside the graphite gas locker door, hitch cover, skirts and wheel arches seen on the colour concept caravan can also be found on new Eccles Sport and Eccles SE ranges with new range graphics.

The modern feel inside is complemented by a woven grey/brown fabric with bright teal and bronze cushions in the Sport range. The SE range has textured chocolate brown fabric with subtle metallic gold thread running through it to give a luxury feel and accent cushions in plain red and matt gold. Curtains in both ranges pick colours from the seating schemes.

All Sterling ranges have the option of ‘Impala’ stain resistant easy-clean seating fabric with a soft nubuck texture, unique to Swift Group.

Specification enhancements in the Eccles Sport range include a 40W solar panel fitted as standard which gives greater independence. The Truma gas and 230V Combi-Boiler which efficiently delivers hot water and blown-air central heating has been upgraded to either the Combi 4 or Combi 6, depending on the model, to provide faster, more efficient heat up.

As well as the rugs all models come with practical removable carpets that are now sectioned giving the flexibility to leave carpet in lounge areas and remove it from entrance door areas or just have rugs if required exposing the new French oak effect floor vinyl.

Other practical additions are the Eco Camel shower head and hose in the washroom which cleverly injects air directly into the water stream so you use less water while experiencing a more powerful shower, and new high security locks with convenient one key operation for all locks.

There’s a selected choice of six Eccles Sport layouts including one twin-axle, the new 640 – this is a 6 berth with front parallel seating and rear parallel seating with bunks over.

The Eccles SE range, continues for 2014, offering the ultimate in style and specification in this market sector, including Alde radiator central heating and also has the same specification enhances as the Sport range.

An exciting new addition for 2014 and exclusive to the Swift Group, is the fitting of a ‘Duvalay Duvalite’ mattress in fixed bed layouts in both the SE and Elite ranges. Brought to recognition on Dragon’s Den and now backed by Hilary Devey, the ‘Duvalay Duvalite’ is a new innovative mattress made with lightweight memory fibre technology. This hypoallergenic fibre remains as comfortable as memory foam but has many other benefits. Helping eliminate heat retention it gives superior temperature harmony, excellent pressure relief and is durable and resilient. It is resistant to dust-mites and is 100% recyclable. Being ultra light weight it also contributes to significant weight savings.

With three twin-axle layouts in the eight model line up it also offers the ultimate in space and brings back a layout with L-shaped front seating in the new 6 berth, twin-axle Coral model which has a fixed bed with large rear washroom.

The top of the range Elite retains its distinctive aerodynamic exterior styling and comes with a new all white exterior for 2014 and further interior refinements to enhance its luxury feel.

Again it has all the specification increases of the lower ranges but has a luxury style of its own. The curved upper locker doors are now gloss ‘Italian ash’ with cream infills and chrome handles, there is a new decorative inlay in the washroom door and new design chrome kitchen and vanity mixer taps.

These detailed changes along with an already impressive specification including Alde radiator central heating system, 40W solar panel, luxury double width curtains, low energy LED lighting and external shower point provide the highest possible level of comfort linked to cutting edge design.

The Elite range focuses on the three best selling fixed bed layouts; one single-axle and two twin-axle.

Recognising owners’ desire to protect their investment, all Swift group touring caravans again come fitted with a “TRACKER Retrieve” Thatcham approved tracking system. Many insurers offer discounts for trackers, and it could save customers several hundred pounds for fitting one later.

Swift Group Commercial Director, Nick Page commented, “The new design of the Sterling range really sets them apart from other caravan brands and gives a more up-to-date look with the kind of feel found in many modern homes today. It is clear from the research done at the February NEC show this look appeals to a wide audience and we are confident it will sell well. Combined with the new SMART construction they are probably one of the most stylish, best constructed touring caravan ranges on the market.”

Eccles Sport Model Ranges

Eccles Sport Exterior

Eccles Sport 442 Single axle 2 berth – front parallel seating, end washroom
Eccles Sport 514 Single axle 4 berth – front parallel seating, open plan fixed bed layout
Eccles Sport 554 Single axle 4 berth – front parallel seating, fixed bed, end washroom
Eccles Sport 584 Single axle 4 berth – front parallel seating, centre kitchen, transverse island double bed and end washroom
Eccles Sport 586 Single axle 6 berth – front parallel seating, rear double bunk and rear dinette with additional bunk
NEW Eccles Sport 640 Twin axle 6 berth – front parallel seating, rear parallel seating with bunks over

Eccles Sport 524, 544, 564, 585 and 636 discontinued

Eccles SE Model Ranges

Eccles SE Exterior

Eccles SE Topaz Single axle 2 berth – front parallel seating, end washroom
Eccles SE Moonstone Single axle 4 berth – front parallel seating, side dinette, end washroom
Eccles SE Ruby Single axle 4 berth – front parallel seating, fixed bed, end washroom
Eccles SE Quartz Single axle 4 berth – front parallel seating, end washroom and transverse island double bed
Eccles SE Solitaire Single axle 4 berth – front parallel seating, rear fixed single beds and rear washroom
Eccles SE Amethyst Twin axle 6 berth – front parallel seating, side dinette, fixed rear bed and adjacent washroom
NEW Eccles SE Coral Twin axle 6 berth - front L-shaped seating, side kitchen, side dinette, rear fixed bed and full width end washroom
Eccles SE Wayfarer Twin axle 4 berth – front parallel seating, end washroom and transverse island double bed

Eccles SE Jade, Trekker and Voyager discontinued

Elite Model Ranges

Elite Exterior

Elite Amber Single axle 4 berth – front parallel seating, fixed bed , end washroom
Elite Searcher Twin axle 4 berth – front parallel seating, fixed bed, end washroom
Elite Explorer Single axle 4 berth – front parallel seating, end washroom and transverse island double bed

Elite Diamond, Emerald and Opal discontinued

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