SMART Construction and the best value ever for Sprite range of affordable, lightweight caravans

Sprite CaravansEven the entry level Sprite range boasts Swift’s new SMART intelligent Construction for 2014 along with a new L-shaped lounge model, stunning new graphics and soft furnishings and upgraded heating.

Built by the Swift Group, Sprite models are manufactured to the same high standards as Swift’s more expensive ranges and now benefit from the Group’s new SMART Construction which provides a Strong timber-less body frame with Modern desirable looks and a leading Aerodynamic shape that is Resilient to moisture, all wrapped up in a Caravan that has undergone the most comprehensive Testing.

The new timberless body frame uses PURe, a strong polyurethane material that is totally impervious to water and has been proven in use. The construction method prevents the transfer of moisture from the outside to the upgraded hardwood ply wall board making the caravan highly resilient to moisture. Everything is CNC (computer numerically controlled) cut to provide accuracy and consistency time after time to give a high quality engineered product. Thorough testing provides confidence for customers.

(For more details on SMART Construction see the SMART press release)

All models still comply with European Whole Vehicle Type Approval , have EN1645 Grade 3 classification for heating and insulation, which is the highest available and the seal of assurance from Swift’s 10-year body integrity warranty.

For 2014 all models also come with quality branded, DMACK EcoXtra tyres.  The EcoXtra tread pattern is specifically designed to provide low rolling resistance, which can deliver greater fuel economy.

The Sprite’s distinctive aerodynamic body has new champagne and graphite graphics and a new full height moulded rear panel with high level brake light and new light clusters. An optional panoramic sunroof can also be added.

Inside, new upholstery in a ribbed, dark chocolate fabric with metallic threads combined with geometric pattern scatter cushions and curtain fabric provide a modern retro feel linking with the origin of Sprite caravans.

The Truma gas and 230V Combi-Boiler which efficiently delivers hot water and blown-air central heating has been upgraded to either the Combi 4 or Combi 6, depending on the model, to provide faster, more efficient heat up and easily achieves the Grade 3 heating and thermal insulation standard. There is also a new digital control panel.

A new sink extension provides additional work top space in the well equipped kitchen area with the latest 112 litre fridge from Thetford with a smart black finish and digital controls and a three-burner hob, oven and separate grill. The addition of the keenly priced Diamond Pack also now includes a microwave oven.

Practical removable carpets are now sectioned giving the flexibility to leave carpet in lounge areas and remove it from entrance door areas if required exposing the new French oak effect floor vinyl.

Another practical addition is the Eco Camel shower head and hose in the washroom which cleverly injects air directly into the water stream so you use less water while experiencing a more powerful shower.

Key to Sprite’s appeal is the facility to tailor the equipment level to match a budget and there is a big range of options. The Diamond Pack includes seven of the most popular upgrades like an AL-KO stabiliser and AL-KO wheel-lock and now also includes a microwave oven; it’s very keenly priced and expected to be specified on all models. But there are also eight more individual options to choose from.

Recognising owners desire to protect their investment, Swift Group are continuing to fit all Sprites with a “TRACKER Retrieve” Thatcham approved tracking system, equipment usually only standard on premium-priced ranges.

Model sizes range from the compact 2-berth Alpine 2 to the family-sized 6-berth Quattro FB twin-axle model. New for 2013 is the Quattro EW Twin axle, 6-berth model which brings back an L-shaped front lounge to Swift Group caravans and also has a fixed bed with large rear washroom.

Swift Group Commercial Director, Nick Page commented, “Sprite is one of our top selling ranges and with the new SMART construction and changes for 2014 we believe it will be the best built and specified caravan available on the market from around £13,000.”

Sprite Model Range

Sprite Exterior

Alpine 2 Single axle 2 berth – front parallel seating, side kitchen and end washroom
Alpine 4 Single axle 4 berth – front parallel seating, side kitchen, rear fixed bed and washroom
Major 4 Single axle 4 berth - front parallel seating, good sized mid seating area with table which converts to double bed, side kitchen and end washroom
Major 4 FB Single axle Four seater, 4 berth (+ 2 for High-line) – front lounge with travelling seats, centre kitchen and washroom, rear transverse raised fixed bed with ‘garage’ below
Major 6 Single axle 6 berth - front parallel seating, side dinette and kitchen, end twin bunk and washroom with separate shower
Major 6 TD Single axle 6 berth - front parallel seating, side kitchen and washroom with separate shower, rear dinette with bunk over and rear side fixed twin bunk
Quattro FB Twin axle 6 berth - front parallel seating, side kitchen, side dinette, rear fixed bed and washroom
New Quattro EW Twin axle 6 berth - front L-shaped seating, side kitchen, side dinette, rear fixed bed and full width end washroom
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