New Dealer Events section launched on Swift Group website

Swift Group has launched a new ‘Dealer Events’ section on the main Swift Group website www.swiftgroup.co.uk This section is highlighted on the main navigation and has been specifically created to help dealers market special events and shows featuring Swift products.

The website receives over 1 million visitors annually and is one of the main sources of information on Swift Group products and news. Up until recently the site has provided details of exhibitions that Swift Group themselves have been attending however in the interests of both the dealers and Swift customers the decision was taken to also include a section that would also provide details of individual dealer’s shows.

The particulars provided include the dealerships details, when and where the event is being held, a description of what customers can expect to find at the event , a link to more information on the dealers website and contact details should customers wish to speak to the dealer direct.

‘In the current economic climate we want to offer as much support to our dealers as possible and we felt that adding a Dealer Events section to the website would help increase visibility of their event. We are also sending out a monthly email to our customers informing them of the latest dealer events,' Nick Page, Swift Group Commercial Director commented.

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