Introducing "The Swift Experience"

Swift Group, the UK’s largest leisure vehicle manufacturer has launched a brand new initiative called 'The Swift Experience'. The aim of the initiative is to provide those interested in touring with up-to-date, real life documented experiences from fellow outdoor explorers.

To help promote The Swift Experience, Swift has teamed up with several expert individuals who are passionate about the touring lifestyle including keen caravanner Lee Davey, motorhome enthusiast David Hurst and extreme sportsman Neil Greentree. These touring experts will be imparting their knowledge, hints and tips as well as sharing ideas and opportunities to expand and enhance people’s touring experiences.

Lee Davey and his family own a Sprite tourer. For them, caravanning is about valuable time spent with family, seeing new sights and experiencing new things. They are strong believers that caravanning not only encourages this but also allows affordable and frequent holidays, whilst staying within their budget. Lee, his wife, and two children go caravanning up to 40 destinations a year. They use their caravan as the catalyst to enable them to see the UK and Europe at their own pace. Lee chose to become a Swift ambassador because he is a Swift tourer advocate and wants to get more people into the lifestyle.

Lee said, "As it’s such a flexible way of getting away, our Sprite fits-in with whatever we want to do whether it’s action-packed, sit back & relax or hopping from one country to another. I’m thrilled to be asked to be a Swift ambassador and look forward to imparting my knowledge and experience."

Over the course of the following year Lee and his family will be enjoying outdoor activities, making new friends and having fun as well as making sure they put down their gadgets, something they term 'Screen free breaks’, details of which can be found on Lee’s Facebook page.

David Hurst and his family are currently exploring the world in their Swift Escape 696 motorhome. The Hursts fell in love with the freedom a motorhome can offer during their first family trip to Spain, in a hired Swift Escape 686, in 2014. After returning from their holiday they took the decision to purchase a van of their own. Upon purchasing their Swift Escape 696 they started their Face2Facebook project, in which they travelled within the UK and Europe to visit their Facebook friends and family and chose to donate £2 to a cancer charity for every person they visited. This commitment continues whenever their travels take them close to a family or friend’s home.

David Hurst chose to be an ambassador for Swift because his family not only find the Swift motorhome lifestyle brilliant and a great deal of fun, but they also want to inspire others to get outdoors and visit amazing people and astonishing places whether on long trips like theirs, or just for a few hours on a Sunday.

2015 has seen David and his family embark on their latest exciting adventure, 'Education by Astonishment', in which they have taken the decision to remove their eldest son from school for a while to increase learning in exciting and new environments, whilst sticking to a home schooling regime that follows the British National Curriculum subjects. They have pledged to donate to UNICEF for every astonishing person, place or thing they set out to see, incorporating the valuable life lesson that thinking of and giving to others is the best way of happy living. David will be reporting from all the astonishing places his family have visited throughout the year.

In 2015 The Swift Group teamed up with extreme sportsman Neil Greentree, owner and boss of UK windsurf Race and Demo team Team QSW. His experience in outdoor sports and his passion for getting as much out of life as possible meant he was the obvious choice for The Swift Group to sponsor to test and write about how their products perform under extreme conditions.

Neil commented, "I grew up with caravans and motorhomes and they have always been the most natural and organic way to travel and holiday. My experience in Freecamping (due to the location of sailing spots I sail) meant teaming up with Swift was a perfect vocation for me. To now be able to test and advise Swift with what works and what doesn't 'out in the field' just seems the right thing to do."

Neil has been set two exciting 2015 ‘Challenge Neil Greentree’ assignments, which visitors to the Swift Group website will be able to follow.

Swift’s Group Commercial Director Nick Page said "I am thrilled that David, Lee and Neil have agreed to become Swift ambassadors for 2015. We recognise at Swift that a leisure vehicle is the perfect way to enable people to get out and about whether they really enjoy the seaside, countryside or have a more active lifestyle. Our ambassadors demonstrate very different ways of enjoying the freedom a leisure vehicle can provide whether that is visiting foreign countries, education, sport, health or just having fun. The Swift Experience not only allows you to follow the lives of families with a passion for enjoying the freedom the tourer and motorhome lifestyle can offer, but we also hope to encourage more people to explore and appreciate the outdoors."

For more information and to follow the Swift ambassadors visit the Swift Experience page.

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