How the caravan got back its cool

How the caravan got back its cool

Forget the stereotypes – the caravan is officially cool again.

The BBC and the Economist magazine are both organisations with their fingers on the cultural pulse. And both have hailed the rise of caravanning in recent months.

Staycation Brits buy caravans 

The Beeb wrote a feature on its homepage titled ‘Why are Brits buying more caravans and motorhomes?’

The BBC reporter spoke to committed caravanners, industry bodies and Swift Group Commercial Director Nick Page.

They found that sales of touring caravans across the industry are up 10% on last year according to industry body the NCC. The organisation attributes this to the increasing appeal of staycations, and also the trend for taking more but shorter holidays. 

Younger crowd flocking in

But perhaps most interestingly, the BBC highlighted a trend younger for people coming into the fold. 

BBC 5 Live recorded a piece at Campbells Caravans in Preston, which is also part of Swift’s approved dealer network. 

‘The demographic of the caravanning public has changed quite dramatically,’ says manager Mark. 

‘We’ve noticed younger families, young couples (and) larger families (coming in).’

One of these is Steve, who was buying his first caravan at Campbells and agreed to be interviewed by the BBC. 

The reporter asked him why he had decided to buy a caravan. 

‘We’ve been on a few holidays,’ Steve says. 

‘We’ve got two young kids now and we’ve got two dogs. A caravan just gives us that home comfort – away from home.’

‘The costs (of a foreign holiday) can be quite prohibitive, especially if you want to take lots of little breaks.’

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Pursue your passions  

Swift is the UK’s biggest caravan maker with 40% of the domestic market. We too have noticed this changing demographic. 

We’ve also noticed the rise of the non-caravanner caravan buyer. What we mean by this is people buying caravans to enable them to live their life in a certain way and pursue their passions. 

Mountain climbers, rally drivers, cyclists, surfers. The list goes on… 

‘They might be staying in a caravan,’ says Nick Page. ‘But they're not caravanners as such. We're promoting a lifestyle, rather than the product itself.'

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Beeb presenters hail design revolution 

In a piece on Radio 5 Live Drive, Tony Livesey and Rachel Bland reminisced about the caravans of their childhood  – highlighting jokingly that things are today much better. 

‘They are quite swanky though,’ Rachel says. ‘Compared to back in the 80s when I used to be taken caravanning.’ 

Much of this is down to innovative production techniques.

At Swift we continuously push our designers and engineers to keep our caravans at the cutting edge. Things like SMART construction, which has enabled us to make our caravans completely timberless. 

Nick Page told the BBC: ‘They're more aerodynamic and stable on the road, while active trailer control systems, which is similar to ABS, makes them far easier to tow and more fuel efficient as well.’

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