Holly and Phil meet Basecamp on This Morning

Holly and Phil meet Basecamp on This Morning

At Swift we’re big fans of This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield. Can you imagine our delight at being asked to appear on the ITV show?

Holly and Phil were shown around our Basecamp on location at London’s Southbank by presenter Alice Beer, who kicked off by speaking about the number of people hitting the road.

“There’s a million caravans and motorhomes out there on the roads,” she said. “It’s big; it’s not niche.”

But what did they think of the Basecamp? 

Off grid adventures 
“This one’s for the adrenaline junkies – for people who like adventure,” explained Alice. 

“The exciting thing about this is you can go ‘off grid’ – you’ve got solar panels… There’s a big storage area where you put your mountain bikes, your surfboards.”

Phil agreed. “If you were going surfing this is better than a surf pod,” he said. “You’ve got your own stuff; your own area.”

“I’m impressed by the kitchen,” added Holly. 

Watch Holly and Phil meet Basecamp 

The enabler of your adventure
We designed Basecamp with outdoors adventure in mind, so we were delighted that Alice and Phil chatted about it being suited to surfing and suchlike.

Basecamp is easy to transport and built for rugged locations. It’s compact enough to tow with a small car and to fit comfortably on your drive. Yet it’s spacious inside – with plenty of room for storing your bikes and bulky kit. 

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