Escape range continues to attract the most buyers and now meets Grade 3 heating and Insulation for all year round use

The award-winning Escape range has been the best performing motorhome range in 2013 with sales at least 20% higher than the previous year. It continues to offer award-winning design, specification and value for 2014 and now comes with an upgraded heating system which includes blown air as standard, taking all Escape models to the Grade 3 standard for heating and thermal insulation.

This now means that all Swift Group Touring Caravans and Motorhomes achieve the Grade 3 standard which means the interior warms up from minus 15oC to 20oC in under 4 hours and the water system still works. Crucially Swift Group proves this by using cold chamber testing, not just by mathematical calculation as many manufacturers do.

Outside enhanced graphics lift the all white exterior which comes in the choice of two low-line and four high-line models. Three models have four belted travelling seats and two layouts have six, making them ideal for young or “three-generation” families.

The recently introduced low-line 662 model with fixed bed is ideal for couples and for 2014 all fixed bed models come with an ultra comfortable ‘Duvalay Duvalite’ mattress, exclusive to Swift Group.

Brought to recognition on Dragon’s Den and now backed by Hilary Devey, the ‘Duvalay Duvalite’ is a new innovative mattress made with lightweight memory fibre technology. This hypoallergenic fibre remains as comfortable as memory foam but has many other benefits. Helping eliminate heat retention it gives superior temperature harmony, excellent pressure relief and is durable and resilient. It is resistant to dust-mites and is 100% recyclable. Being ultra light weight it also contributes to significant weight savings.

Many motorhomes in this price category have only 110bhp engines, but the power unit in all Escapes is the Fiat 2.3 litre, 130bhp Euro5 turbo diesel with a 6-speed gearbox. A Fiat Comfort-Matic automatic gearbox is also available as an option.

For practicality a spare wheel has been reintroduced on all models and there is a new habitation door with 2 point locking system and integrated door retainer.

Inside new soft furnishings have a plain woven brown base cushion accented with lighter grey/beige back cushions. Scatter cushions in red pick out the abstract flower pattern on the curtains.

New pale cream locker doors accent the well-equipped kitchen area.

Practical removable carpets are now sectioned giving the flexibility to leave carpet in lounge areas and remove it from entrance door areas if required exposing the new French oak effect floor vinyl.

Another practical addition is the Eco Camel shower head and hose in the washroom which cleverly injects air directly into the water stream so you use less water while experiencing a more powerful shower.

Low level ventilation has been moved from the step well to make the interior quieter in transit.

The standard equipment package includes all the essentials and more at a price that makes owning a new motorhome an affordable proposition. It’s enhanced with a list of popular extras in the Comfort Pack which is optional, and now also includes a passenger airbag. It is priced so keenly it’s always selected.

Introduced last year all models come with a “TRACKER Retrieve” Thatcham approved tracking system and the reassurance of Swift Group’s 10-year body integrity warranty. Many insurers insist on trackers, so it could save customers several hundred pounds for fitting one later.

Nick Page, Swift Group’s Commercial Director, commented, “The Escape range has more than held its own in the tough economic climate where motorhome sales have typically been down. Sales are around 20% ahead of last year and the updated range continues to offer unrivalled specification and value which makes them ideal for people who would rather buy new than second hand.”

Escape Model Range

624 High-Line 130bhp 5 berth end kitchen high-line with 3 designated passenger seats
644 High-Line 130bhp 4 berth rear lounge with 3 designated passenger seats
662 Low-Line 130bhp 2 berth with fixed rear bed
664 Low-Line 130bhp 4 berth fixed bed low -line with 3 designated passenger seats
686 High-Line 130bhp 6 berth end lounge high-line with 5 designated passenger seats
696 High-Line 130bhp 6 berth with bunkroom at the rear which doubles as a storage area with external access, 5 designated passenger seats
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