Caravan Magazine competition winner wins brand new Swift Charisma 540

Photograph of the Winners with their Caravan

Deborah Andrioli and her family from Stratford Upon Avon were the lucky winners of a Swift Charisma 540 after entering the 'Win a Caravan Competition' that was run in May and June issues of Caravan Magazine and April issue of Caravan Club Magazine. Caravan magazine, who are celebrating their 75th Anniversary, ran the competition in association with the Swift Group and Caravan Club, to find Britain’s most deserving caravanner. The wining prize, donated by Swift Group, was a caravan worth up to £14,000 from Swift's large selection of models and layouts.

Entrants could either nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else and had to tell their story as to why they felt they deserved to be a winner of a new caravan. The competition received over 300 entries.

Victoria Heath, Editor of Caravan Magazine said, "There were so many entries that tugged at our heartstrings, it was very hard to choose a winner. Illness, bereavement, family breakdown, not to mention caravanners whose tourers were destroyed in last summer's floods. However, when we read Deborah’s entry as it seemed a real call from the heart."

Deborah Andrioli entered on behalf of her 4-year old son Matthew who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, a condition that is characterised by repetitive behaviour and the need for routine. This severely restricts how and where the Andrioli family can go on holiday.

Deborah was resigned to the fact that in the future herself, husband Mark and sons James and Matthew would have to go on holiday to the same place every year, in order to provide the familiarity that Matthew needs. However a caravan would be a 'home from home', a safe haven for Matthew which would mean the family could travel far and wide, giving them the freedom to go where they want, when they want.

The judges chose to award the caravan to Deborah and her family as it was felt they would make full use of their new caravan and embrace caravanning as a hobby.

Deborah and her family were given the opportunity to visit the Broad Lane caravan dealership in Kenilworth where they were able to browse the various Swift Group models on offer. Extremely impressed with the quality of the caravans, Deborah and her family chose a Charisma 540, a 5 berth twin dinette style which they felt would suit them best as it gave her sons their own area for night time and easy access to the washroom.

Deborah and her family were presented with the new caravan at Broad Lane, Kenilworth, which is the nearest Swift dealership to their home, on July 16th. Deborah said, "I am absolutely thrilled, it is a dream come true and so perfect for us."

Other people who attended the presentation were Victoria Heath, Editor of Caravan magazine, Clive Birch, Caravan's publisher and Victoria Jones, Caravan's marketing manager, Richard White, Swift Group Marketing Director and Matthew’s support worker, Sandra Bowering.

Richard White, Swift Group Marketing Director said "Seeing the prize go to a family where a caravan will transform the way they can spend their holidays was the best possible outcome from the competition. The delight and excitement in the children's eyes clearly demonstrates that caravanning is still the ideal solution for family holidays."

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