Autocruise launch new family van conversion and price busting Rhythm Sport model


Autocrusie Quartet

The first launch at the Caravan and Motorhome Show at Event City in Manchester on 19-22 January sees the company introduce the first true 4 berth van conversion, the Autocruise Quartet. Providing a front double and two rear bunks, the Quartet is the first van conversion from a major manufacturer to provide full seating and sleeping for 4 people.

The second new Autocruise model, The Rhythm Sport, will be launched at the Motorhome, Camping and Caravan Show at Excel, London on 14-19 February. This is based on the more expensive Rhythm model, but by carefully choosing specification this provides year round comfort but without some of the non essential items, the Sport will sell for an on the road price of well below £40K, bringing it into the price range of more potential owners.

The Quartet is a true multi-purpose vehicle which, as well as offering 4 berths also has a clever storage solution, by offering access from the rear doors via the washroom.

Based on a Peugeot 2.2 litre diesel Euro 5 engine developing 130bhp with a 6 speed gearbox, it provides the ideal combination of economy and performance. With a choice of two exterior colours, silver metallic or light blue metallic, the Quartet has the same high specification as the rest of the Autocruise range.

The second new model, the Rhythm Sport, moves Autocruise into a new lower price area. This has been achieved without compromising the key points that set Autocruise apart from other converters.

The model is supplied as standard with the powerful Peugeot Euro 5 2.2litre 115bhp diesel engine with a fully integrated factory fitted radio/CD/MP3 player with switch off time adjustable up to 3 hours.

“These 2 new models add a whole new dimension to the Autocruise van conversion range and we are confident they will add a new breed of customers to the brand. The Quartet is the result of a constant demand for a 4 berth van conversion that can compete with lower priced coachbuilt models while the Rhythm Sport meets the challenge of the current economic climate by significantly lowering the entry price to Autocruise to well below £40K,” Nick Page, Commercial Director of the Swift Group commented.

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