5 minutes with the Song For Hull team

5 minutes with the Song For Hull team

Song for Hull is all about creating just that: a song for Hull. This song, written by local rapper Nineties Boy and based on poems by Hull schoolchildren, will be unveiled at Hull City Hall on October 20th at a star-studded concert of local talent.

None of this would have been possible without the Hull hospitals choir, and in particular Lucy Vere and Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Helen Garnett. 

We caught up with Lucy in-between rehearsals… 
Swift: Where did the idea for Song for Hull come from? 

Lucy: The HEY choir (made up of Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill employees) went to Britain’s Got Talent 2016 after being spotted on YouTube. We auditioned in Birmingham in front of 3,000 people and won 4 ‘yeses’ from the judges.

Unfortunately, we just missed out on the semi-finals. While on stage, they stopped our performance to tweak the sound. Martin, one of our members, looked around to take it all in. In this moment Song for Hull was born. Couldn’t we give this experience to the kids back in Hull?

Swift: Why are you doing it? 
We want to create a positive connection between the hospital and the schoolchildren of Hull. These guys are the workforce of the future, and we’d love it if they considered a career at the hospital once they’re older.

At the same time, we set up Hey Choir because of our love of singing and the way it makes you feel happy and reduces stress. We wanted the children to experience the feelgood factor of singing too. 

Swift: What will it bring to the city? 
The kids’ voices will be heard. Through the children’s poems, the people of Hull will see what the younger generation want from their city. Those poems, translated into song by Nineties Boy, will deliver a powerful and inspiring message about the city and its people. It will leave a lasting legacy for future generations – capturing the spirit of Hull in its year of culture. 

Swift: Tell us a bit more about the HEY Choir
The choir is made up of around 60 hospital workers from Hull Royal and Castle Hill. I was a founding member of the choir, alongside Bonnie Gray and Helen Garnett – our musical director. The choir has brought together doctors, receptionists, midwives and other hospital workers and has united us in our love of singing and feeling part of a community. 

Swift: Who else in involved? Anyone famous? 
Aside from the HEY Choir and the schoolchildren of Hull, some of the city’s biggest stars are doing their bit for Song for Hull. You may remember Helen Garnett from Britain’s Got Talent. Singing with her three daughters, the Garnett Family made the semi-finals in 2016.

But Helen is also musical director of the HEY Choir, and is heavily involved in Song For Hull. What’s more she will be singing with her daughters on the night of the Song for Hull concert (October 20th). 

G4 are another name you may remember from the X Factor. Jonathan Ansell of the group will also be our headline act on the night! 

But the biggest stars of the night will of course be the schoolchildren of Hull, who will perform the song written by Nineties Boy from their poems.

Swift: Why should people buy tickets for Song for Hull?

Because it’s a great cause. In buying a ticket, you are supporting the younger generation to have their say about their city and giving them the chance to be full-blown stars for one night, singing to a packed crowd at the city’s best-known venue. That’s some serious bragging rights in the playground and at home!  

Song for Hull kicks off at Hull City Hall on Friday October 20th at 7pm. Buy your tickets now! 

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Song for Hull will bring the city together in its love of music this October. As event sponsors, Swift sat down with its mastermind, Lucy Vere… 

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