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Neil Greentree

In 2014 The Swift Group teamed up with extreme sportsman Neil Greentree, owner and boss of UK windsurf Race and Demo team Team QSW.

Outdoor Adventure Lifestyle

His experience in outdoor sports and his passion for getting as much out of life as possible meant he was the obvious choice for The Swift Group to sponsor to test and write about how our products perform under extreme conditions.

Neil has always been very outdoor minded and his passion for exploration and adventure continues to this day. Neil is an extreme sport Junkie, who likes taking leisure vehicles along with him to give him the freedom to go wherever the wind takes him. He likes windsurfing, mountain biking, hiking, cycling, surfing and wants share his experiences and adventures to encourage others to get into leisure vehicles as he feels they are so important to enable an outdoor adventure lifestyle.

Neil told us, “I grew up with caravans and motorhomes and they have always been the most natural and organic way to travel and holiday. My experience in Freecamping (due to the location of sailing spots I sail) meant teaming up with Swift was a perfect vocation for me. To now be able to test and advise Swift with what works and what doesn't 'out in the field' just seems the right thing to do.”

Swift Group have supported Matt Edwards since 2010 in progressing his rally driving career and have moved up to support his career by entering a M-Sport Fiesta R5 in the British Rally Championship for 2017 driven by Matt and his co-driver Will Rogers.

Swift are proud to partner Mission Motorsport, an armed forces’ charity doing amazing work with veterans to help them rebuild their lives through motorsport.


Swift Group teamed with Airstream adventurer Andrew Ditton in 2018, sharing his travels out on the open road, exploring the unknown and discovering unforgettable experiences.


In 2018 Swift Group joined forces with Basecamp aficionado Will Hawkins, sharing inspiration and wanderlust as he and his crossover camping vehicle explore the UK, discovering new experiences off the beaten track.

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