The Swift Experience

David Hurst

The Hurst family are David Hurst and his wife, Debs, their two young boys, Daniel and Darley, and the family pet, Mr Colin Dog. They are currently exploring the world in their Swift Escape 696 motorhome.

Education by Astonishment

The Hursts fell in love with the freedom a motorhome can offer during their first family trip to Spain, in a hired Swift Escape 686, in 2014. After returning from their holiday they took the decision to downsize their family home and purchase a van of their own. Upon purchasing their Swift Escape 696 they started their Face2Facebook project, in which they travelled with the UK and Europe to visit their Facebook friends and family and chose to donate £2 to a cancer charity for every person they visited. This commitment continues whenever their travels take them close to a family or friend’s home

2015 saw them embark on an exciting adventure, ‘Education by Astonishment’, in which they took the decision to remove their eldest son from school for a while to enhance his learning in exciting and new environments, whilst sticking to a home schooling regime that follows the British National Curriculum subjects. They have pledged to donate to UNICEF for every astonishing person, place or thing they set out to see, incorporating the valuable life lesson that thinking of and giving to others is the best way of happy living.

In 2014 The Swift Group teamed up with extreme sportsman Neil Greentree, owner and boss of UK windsurf Race and Demo team Team QSW. Neil has always been very outdoor minded and his passion for exploration and adventure continues to this day.

Swift Group have supported Matt Edwards since 2010 in progressing his rally driving career and have moved up to support his career by entering a M-Sport Fiesta R5 in the British Rally Championship for 2017 driven by Matt and his co-driver Will Rogers.

Swift are proud to partner Mission Motorsport, an armed forces’ charity doing amazing work with veterans to help them rebuild their lives through motorsport.

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