SMART HT The Ultimate Construction system

SMART HT (Hi-Tech) is the most exciting breakthrough in caravan construction since Swift’s inception in the 1960’s.

SMART HT (Hi-Tech) is the most exciting breakthrough in caravan construction since Swift’s inception in the 1960’s. It takes intelligent construction to a new level utilising the best modern materials. Such is the advance in design and construction many elements have patents pending.


The SMART ethos of a Strong timber-less body with Modern desirable looks and a leading Aerodynamic shape that is highly Resilient to moisture, all wrapped up in a caravan that has undergone the most comprehensive Testing still stands but the materials and construction methods used are technologically advanced.

SMART HT is the product of a challenge given to the design team at the Swift Group to take all the know how gathered over many years, strip down every aspect of caravan design and look afresh at caravan construction using the best materials available. It has been in research and development for five years and numerous prototypes have been made and tested around the Millbrook test track to test all aspects of durability.

We believe SMART HT intelligent construction produces the best-engineered caravans we have ever made, all designed to give you a lifetime of SMILES.

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Exclusive Features

Swift Group is excited to announce the following range of exclusive features for 2016.

Swift Command

Swift Command

Swift Command is an exciting new system exclusive to Swift Group that connects you with your caravan to give you greater control than ever before. It features on Conqueror and Elegance ranges for 2016.

An exciting Swift Command App links with Swift Command power supply unit to allow remote control/ monitoring of certain vehicle systems and further information.

Direct Connect

Direct Connect

The Swift Group is proud to launch an exclusive service available to owners of Swift Conqueror & Elegance caravans.

What is Connect Direct?

Connect Direct is an online system, which provides each owner with a personal profile, with the ability to make the experience of owning their caravan even more unique.

Duvalay Duvalite Mattress

Duvalay Duvalite Mattress

Exclusive to the Swift Group, is the fitting of a Duvalay Duvalite mattress on fixed beds across the entire range. Brought to recognition on Dragon’s Den and now backed by Hilary Devey, the Duvalay Duvalite is a new innovative mattress made with lightweight memory fibre technology.

Swift Shield Fabric

Swift Shield Fabric

SwiftShield fabric has a soft suede type feel and has been cleverly treated during manufacturing to resist stains. It is very easy to clean and just requires a soft cloth dampened with water to remove most stains. SwiftShield is Exclusive to the Swift Group, you can find out more on Swift TV.

Tracker Retrieve

TRACKER Retrieve

Swift Caravans come exclusively fitted with the self-powered Thatcham approved TRACKER Retrieve system. This is one of the most effective tracking systems available, recognised by all police forces.

Value Added Partnerships

Swift Group work in close partnership with the following companies to ensure their caravans are the best they can be.



Swift Group work in partnership with Alde, the manufacturer of the heating systems installed in their touring caravans. This partnership sees both teams challenging each other to deliver the best kit/equipment at the best price for the caravan ranges. Alde also carry out cold chamber testing of the products to prove they meet the Grade 3 standard for heating and insulation.



Swift Group tourers are built on AL-KO galvanised steel chassis and come with the AL-KO ATC trailer control system (optional on Sprite, Challenger and Eccles ranges) and the AL-KO AKS 3004 stabiliser to the enhance the towing experience and provide extra safety while towing at higher speeds.



New for this season, all Swift Group caravans are now fitted as standard with fixing bars on the rear panel designed to take an optional Thule rear mounted two cycle rack.

Specialised covers

Specialised Covers

The only Caravan Cover and Towing Protectors recommended by the Swift Group are made here in the UK by Specialised Covers. Each cover is tailored to your specific Swift Group model and is the premium protective storage or towing cover on the market. Made from the very best fabric, the storage cover is perfectly balanced between being waterproof and breathable, to help protect your new Swift caravan. The Specialised Covers Tow Pro range are the only single piece construction, easy to use towing protectors on the market which will protect your Swift caravan from stone chips and dirt during your journey.

Grade 3 Thermal Insulation and Heating

All Swift Caravans meet the Grade 3 standard making them suitable for all year round use

For 2016 all Swift Group Caravans continue to meet the Grade 3 standard for thermal insulation and heating making them suitable for all year round use.

This means the interior warms up from minus 15°C to 20°C in under 4 hours and the water system still works. Crucially Swift Group proves this by using cold chamber testing, not just by mathematical calculation as many manufacturers do.

More info on grade 3

Where the Head meets the Heart

With Swift you can have the best of both worlds

Head and Heart

Your head says you need a caravan that’s durable, functional, comfortable, safe and secure. Your heart wants great looks and a great choice. With Swift Group you can have the best of both worlds with the backing of a company established over 50 years.

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Swift Experience

The Swift Experience is a combination of over 50 years experience making leisure vehicles for you to enjoy the great outdoors.

The Swift Experience

Our aim is to make your holiday as comfortable and relaxing as possible so that you return with a big smile on your face. You can follow the lives of families with a passion for enjoying the freedom the tourer lifestyle can offer.

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