A Smart Move With Modern Construction

SMART is our new intelligent construction system that is being launched across our entire touring range.

As the UK's leading leisure vehicle manufacturer, the Swift Group undertakes what is probably the most extensive research and testing program in the industry and we are constantly looking at new and better ways to construct our products. SMART is our new intelligent construction system that is being launched across our entire touring caravan range.


SMART is based on proven technology and provides a Strong timber-less body frame with Modern desirable looks and a leading Aerodynamic shape that is highly Resilient to moisture, all wrapped up in a caravan that has undergone the most comprehensive Testing.

Carefully developed, the new system has only been introduced once we were satisfied that it was truly fit for purpose.

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) cutting is used in the manufacturing process to provide accuracy and consistency time after time, to produce a high quality engineered product designed to give you a lifetime of SMILES.

SMART video

Exclusive Features

Swift Group is excited to announce the following range of exclusive features for 2015.

Duvalay Duvalite Mattress

Duvalay Duvalite Mattress

Completely new for 2015, Swift Group is delighted to have secured exclusivity to fit the Duvalay Duvalite mattress in its fixed bed models to give customers the ultimate nights sleep. This will be a standard feature in all caravans for 2015.

Impala fabric

Impala Fabric

'Impala' is a luxury upholstery fabric that combines a soft velvet feel with outstanding cleaning results and exceptional durability and is again only available as an option on Swift Group caravans. Impala features as standard in Conqueror models for the 2015 season.

TRACKER Retrieve

Tracker Retrieve

All Swift Group caravans come exclusively fitted with a Thatcham Approved TRACKER Retrieve as standard. This is one of the most effective tracking systems available, recognised by all UK Police forces.



DMACK EcoXtra tyres are fitted on all Swift Group caravans. The EcoXtra tread pattern is specifically designed to provide low rolling resistance and delivers greater fuel economy for environmentally aware motorists.

Value Added Partnerships

Swift Group work in close partnership with the following companies to ensure their caravans are the best they can be.



Swift Group work in partnership with Truma and Alde, the manufacturers of the heating systems installed in their touring caravans. This partnership sees both teams challenging each other to deliver the best kit/equipment at the best price for the caravan ranges. Truma and Alde also carry out cold chamber testing of the products to prove they meet the Grade 3 standard for heating and insulation.



All Swift Group tourers are built on AL-KO galvanised steel chassis and come with the AL-KO ATC trailer control system (except Sprite and Sport models) and the AL-KO AKS 3004 stabiliser to the enhance the towing experience and provide extra safety while towing at higher speeds.

Glamour Shield

Glamour Shield

Glamour Shield is the UK’s official provider of Supagard™ paint and fabric protection solutions to the leisure vehicle industry and the only provider recommended by Swift Group. Supagard™ is only available as an optional extra.

Grade 3 Thermal Insulation and Heating

All Swift Caravans meet the Grade 3 standard making them suitable for all year round use

For 2015 all Swift Group Caravans continue to meet the Grade 3 standard for thermal insulation and heating making them suitable for all year round use.

This means the interior warms up from minus 15°C to 20°C in under 4 hours and the water system still works. Crucially Swift Group proves this by using cold chamber testing, not just by mathematical calculation as many manufacturers do.

More info on grade 3